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Friday, November 26th, 2010 by Sjoerd

Beats // Latin // Souldiesler-tie_breakers-uniq175-2

Jonathan Radford a.k.a. Diesler creates vibes that make you want to move. The sounds are warm and full of rhythm, hence the title of his previous album The Rhythm Station (on Freestyle Records). The warmness of Diesler’s sound is reflected by a clear influence of latin music, with some beats and twists added for good measure, all keeping a positive and fresh style, to which another album title is testament: Keepie Uppies (on Tru Throughts). He is also one of the masterminds behind retro-funk outfit Laura Vane & the Vipertones. There is certainly a lot of music out there by this producer, but let us first point our attention to this summer’s Tie Breakers, released on Social Beats / Unique Records. Check it out for yourself with album track “Deepest Cuba” and the reggae remix dub of “Samba Magic”, reworked by Grant Phabao.

Positive vibes for your mind.
Diesler – Deepest Cuba
Diesler vs Grant Phabao – Reggae Magic (dub)
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donthink: Safe Bet

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 by Kyle
A luscious and vibrant sound was my aim for this mix, titled ‘Safe Bet’ because I wanted to create an introduction to downtempo / electronic music in a way that may captivate and grow interest. To subtly build an unfamiliar atmosphere and give hints of more to explore.

Classical tendencies, strings especially, sweet beats, glitchy cinematic effects and jazzy grooves fill the air. Mixed in 2003 while DJ’ing at ErrorFM as I hoped to inspire people with new music from around the world.

donthink – Safe Bet (63min):

  1. Xploding Plastix – Dieci
  2. Mujaji – Siempre (Jon Kennedy Remix)
  3. Bonobo – Change Down
  4. Jon Kennedy – Brown Acid
  5. Bathysphere – Where’s Vicky (Quantic Mix)
  6. Caural – Sipping Snake Blood Wine (Savath & Savalas Remix)
  7. The Cinematic Orchestra – All Things To All Men ft Roots Manuva
  8. Broadway Project – Beauty
  9. Yenara – When Mountain Meets The Sea
  10. A Guy Called Gerald – Humanity ft Louise Rhodes (Funkstörung Remiks)
  11. Daedelus – Minor Detour
  12. King Seven – Hidden
  13. Opiate – Pk 50
  14. Hint – Count Your Blessings (Bonobo Mix)
  15. Florian Ross – Piano Interlude

Natalia Clavier

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 by Julija

latin // downtempo// dub

You are most likely not familiar with name, but you might recognize Natalia Clavier’s vocals from the Aurgasm featured Federico Aubele’s album Panamericana (2007). Argentinian songstress, Natalia is the first and only female artist of Washington DC based legendary Thievery Corporation’s label Eighteenth Street Lounge Music. For those of you who enjoy the repertoire of ESL Music, Natalia’s album Nectar (2008) is a real treat. Nectar offers a journey from Buenos Aires tango-tingled melodies to the sublime Barcelona late night vibes, all wrapped in top quality production.

Smooth downtempo with a distinct Latin flavour.
Natalia Clavier – Ay De Mi
Natalia Clavier – La Mitad
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Fab Samperi

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 by Julija

funky breaks // dance // freestyle

Sicilian Fab Samperi a.k.a. The Captain has played his eclectic sets all over the world. In summer 2010, Fab is releasing his first album Power Bossa with Agogo records, the label of such talents as Una Mas Trio, The Juju Orchestra and Mo`Horizons. While waiting for the full length album to be released, we’re excited about his first single. “In The River” will definitely appeal to the dancefloor music lovers as it carries incredibly addictive bluesy riff, uptempo beats and solid grooves. Bellissimo!

Probably Italy’s most stylish freestyle groove.
Fab Samperi – In The River
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Saturday, December 12th, 2009 by Paul Irish

strings // electro // soul

It seems easy to assume that two prized string players, recognized as some of the finest young French musicians would be influenced by the Parisian electro scene, like Ed Banger and Institubes. They would, naturally, then set out to create electro infused with the graceful cello and viola lines. At first listen, this is what you might hear. But SomethingALaMode (or SALM) has pushed that further; the result is less novelty, more solid songwriting. A few samples from their varied and impressive debut: “Little Bit of Feel Good” delivers some mighty soul vocals; “GString” is a bit more familiar electro-fare, but with a very distinctive feel.

Music mastery; on the strings and the synths.
SomethingALaMode – Little Bit of Feel Good (feat. Adam Joseph)
SomethingALaMode – GString
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Ethan Goldhammer & S. Burke

Sunday, October 4th, 2009 by Paul Irish

video art // electro funk

More and more, I’ve noticed I’m absorbing great music via video; the Carl Sagan ‘A Glorious Dawn’ video is an addictive example. VJ’s are demanded for parties, Processing and OpenFrameworks are making it easier to create, and now video appears to be the preferred medium for delivering audio online. Above, Ethan deftly blends oscilloscope visuals with light paint and timelapse, while underneath burbles some glitchy and fuzzy funk. Thanks to my friends at Echonest for the tip.

A funk and Rhodes lover’s wet dream.

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Bersarin Quartett

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 by Paul Irish

cinematic electronic // heady ambient

Not since Trentemøller has an electronic artist approached his music with such delicacy. But while the Dane kept your brain busy measure to measure, the sole member of Bersarin Quartett, Thomas, makes no bones about holding you rapt in a piece of steady, twirling music for up to sixteen minutes. Natural strings, arpeggiated synth and raspy drums combine to construct a cinemascape of melancholy and thought.

Sublimity missing a screen.
Bersarin Quartett – Oktober
Bersarin Quartett – St. Petersburg

NYC Peoples: I’ll be in town this weekend, mostly to attend this epic Quantic (and his Combo Barbaro), Nickodemus, Beto, DJ Busquelo beach party on Governor’s Island Sunday. Holler if you’re around, you should certainly not miss.

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Tuesday, July 14th, 2009 by Julija

vocal electronica // experimental pop

Katrine Ottosen’s album Fall Down (2008) is a debut that should not be left unnoticed despite the flood of DYI Indie artists. The Copenhagen-based musician who records under the name CALLmeKAT takes the listener with a distinctly Scandinavian sound: melancholic, floating and intense. Fall Down shifts between the experimental and the somewhat urban dream-pop, recalling the fragility of Stina Nordenstam and the edgy mysterious soundscapes of such artists as Klima and Sol Seppy.

From sharp to dreamy electronic arrangements.
CALLmeKAT – Do Your Trick
CALLmeKAT – Flower In The Night
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Nels Cline

Monday, June 8th, 2009 by Andrew Ladd

ambient // electronic // guitar

Wilco fans (you know who you are) will recognize Nels Cline as that band’s lead guitarist, but he’s been doing other stuff on his own (collaborating, featuring, musicating, etc.) for a little over thirty years, now “” and yet, still, his solo stuff seems to remain under-appreciated. Perhaps some of it is too experimental for a big following (and I don’t mean that as any kind of affront to Wilco fans), like the opening track from Coward, his latest album; it’s called Epiphyllum, and is basically a wall of foamy, pulsating sound. The rest of the album, though, gets a little more melodic, borrowing heavily from Middle-Eastern sounds and even The Twilight Zone at one point, and rounding out nicely with Cymbidium, yet another wall of sound “” but one with cracks in it, chinks of guitar and scars of bass. There are shades of Susumu Yokota and maybe Faithless, too, and overall of quiet, confident comfort. Close your eyes and let it grow.

Soothing, glowing noise
Nels Cline – Cymbidium
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My Toys Like Me

Friday, May 29th, 2009 by Kyle

electro-funk // grimey synthpop

Maneuvering brainwaves routed by intricately synthesized polymers of Moloko and Phon°noir familiarity, Frances Noon and Lazlo Legezar have materialized an undulating ecstasy that voyages vital force and bites at your feet. His surreal chorus of extravagant noises deploys a fulgent realm for her iridescent vocals; fluently shifting between sinister and saccharine to timid and giddy. As their motley, crystalline wisped sounds are consumed, a subterranean purlieu emerges. In a carnival’s bygone mystique of bright lights and smiles since ceded to a Hitchcock bale are mad hatters absconding to unite with strawberry shortcakes; rampantly dissolving the absurd, unwanted, depreciating rationalities that impersonate rainbows and he-man transgressions of societal laste. Where We Are threshes trip-hop’s quintessence into dizzying bits and pieces then coalesces to form a twisted treat of enigmatic, aural candy.

Trip-Hop in the age of Twitter.
My Toys Like Me – Superpowers
My Toys Like Me – Bats
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