Fab Samperi

funky breaks // dance // freestyle

Sicilian Fab Samperi a.k.a. The Captain has played his eclectic sets all over the world. In summer 2010, Fab is releasing his first album Power Bossa with Agogo records, the label of such talents as Una Mas Trio, The Juju Orchestra and Mo`Horizons. While waiting for the full length album to be released, we’re excited about his first single. “In The River” will definitely appeal to the dancefloor music lovers as it carries incredibly addictive bluesy riff, uptempo beats and solid grooves. Bellissimo!

Probably Italy’s most stylish freestyle groove.
Fab Samperi – In The River
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6 Responses to “Fab Samperi”

  1. adriana :

    I loved it, thanks!!!

  2. Will :

    I clicked on this expecting to turn it off after a couple second. Now, I’m going to buy it. What a cool song.

  3. Dylan Macnab :

    Great song. Real fun.

  4. Aaron Leese :

    Love this one. Keep it up Fab.

  5. Joyce :

    That was really fun to listen to haha, reminds me of another song but I can’t really place it..
    Love it!

  6. Tor E :