Laura Jansen

indie pop // singer-songwriter

Singer-songwriter Laura Jansen has popped up a few times on Aurgasm before: once last year on the Jason Kanakis track “Anything,” and most recently when we covered her set at SXSW last month. It’s about time for a proper introduction. Laura’s unique indie piano-pop is exceptionally lovely, and manages to showcase her incredible songwriting and ethereal vocals at the same time. She skillfully combines rich instrumentation and sweet melody, with gorgeous results. The songs on her latest EP, Single Girls, run the gamut from playful to reflective and wistful, but they all manage an expressive eloquence that is mesmerizing. Take a listen to “The End” and “Single Girls” from Single Girls and see for yourself.

Eloquent and sweet piano-driven indie pop.
Laura Jansen – The End
Laura Jansen – Single Girls
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12 Responses to “Laura Jansen”

  1. Michelle :

    Our readers in the Netherlands can pick up her full length album, Bells, on iTunes here. The rest of us will have to wait. :)

  2. Theo :

    I bought her “Single Girls” EP as soon as I heard her from your SXSW coverage. Single Girls is great, though I especially love “Wicked World.” Also, the EP is on Amie Street for a great price.

  3. Paul van Egmond :

    It’s probably noteworthy to mention that here career is really taking off in Europe, with her album ‘Bells’ firmly entrenched in the various top# lists. You can check out her music at

  4. Dylan from The Pursuit of Folk :

    What a beautiful photograph!

  5. Peter Malek :

    Laura has been playing at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles for years, and I make sure never to miss any of her shows. She has a wonderful gift and seeing her is truly a treat.

  6. Samuel Vaz :

    Beautifully played. I have listened to her latest LP, “Bells”, and it’s so amazing. It’s so nice to see a piano player going indie like this!

  7. Yunan Unlike Inter :

    Proud of your voice,,, …
    It makes me calm down,,,
    thanks Laura…

  8. ange :

    I think we should acknowledge the fact that she did a pretty AWESOME cover of Cookie Monster’s “If Moon Was Cookie”

  9. Richard :

    I love her voice. It’s beautiful.

  10. Mine :

    her version of kings of leon’s “use somebody” is beautiful. thank you for leading me to her music.

  11. gilbert :


  12. Olga :

    Have you seen her “Single Girls”video? Both song and clip are beautiful. =’D