The Juju Orchestra

tango // bossa nova

The German-based producers and DJs of the Juju Orchestra make a mean cocktail of styles with great hooks and irresistible beats. As the trio blends live instruments and a variety of samples, “This Is Not A Tango” brings an uptempo Argentine dance interpretation evoking the smoky and passionate sound of Gotan Project. The softly funky Bossa groove of “Nâo Posso Demorar” reflects the influences of such music icons as Caetano Veloso and Stan Getz, while its easy going vibe makes it the perfect lounging tune. (Thanks, Philipp!)

Soulful tropical beats mixed with retro appeal.
The Juju Orchestra – This Is Not A Tango
The Juju Orchestra РN̢o Posso Demorar feat. Katia B (stream only)
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6 Responses to “The Juju Orchestra”

  1. Higgspox :

    Wonderful. As is Kitty Hoff two posts down. It’s such a shame I can’t buy either due to Amazon MP3 being limited to US customers.

  2. Charles C Stirk Jr :

    Brilliant track I am fascinated by the whole interoperation of Tango & Argentina music after a century …

    Flip down skin on the upper left is a nice touch buy the way ….

  3. Danjoua :

    The not tango is fine, but the bass melody is directly coming from Olé, John Coltrane, 1961.So a great thank you for the two bassmen: Reggie Workman and Art Davis, also for the © & ®

  4. Guuzbourg :

    Also try the Bahama Soul Club, a similar act from Germany

  5. Georg :

    Nicht schlecht, aber geklaut von John Coltrane (Olé).

  6. Krokus :

    Amazing! Retro, vintage, soul and funky.. all in one!