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Several bands have called themselves Kobayashi, but for now let’s stick to the Montreal jazz/funk/hip-hop outfit that broke up (d’oh!) before I managed to blog ‘em. They’re still a gritty earful, though, with explosive blasts of horn, a plucky bass, and big, huge buckets of speaker hum that slosh around the drums; they also have a nifty female vocalist (not featured here) who sounds like a cross between Beth Gibbons and Blossom Dearie. Worth your holiday moolah!

Dark and brash and full of drive
Kobayashi – Shasta
Kobayashi – 2 Cent
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11 Responses to “Kobayashi”

  1. stonetatara :

    Hi there,
    amazing song again !
    Thx a lot for sharing this good vibes

  2. MonsieurJ :

    In the same family :

  3. Evan :

    I got a chance to listen to these guys too and was impressed with what they were able to pull off. Great fusion of genres that mesh together awsomely.


  4. Jason Thompson :

    They remind me of Cinematic Orchestra a little.

    What’s that in the upper right corner of the website? I read the feed, so miss stuff like this…

  5. Christina Linard :

    “Shasta” sounds like some Pink Panther…I like it.

  6. Paul Irish :

    Hey friend! Peeking out in the corner is a preview of the coming redesign. :)

  7. Emily :

    I really liked the jazz feel, but I think the techno blending in “2 Cent” took away from the song overall. It could have been just as well without it.

    I’m a new reader, so look for some new comments on previous posts. :)

  8. MeKe :

    I liked the definite 60’s-ish sound with new vibe spin on it. I would definitely like to hear more from this singer.

  9. Matt :

    I wonder how many hotdogs they can eat?

  10. ralph alfonso :

    many thanks for the kind words. the physical cd can be purchased here for $12 (postage included)


    also Kobayashi founder Franco Proietti has a new group with a similar vibe (and including guest spots from Josh Geary of Kobayashi)


  11. Javejavor :

    Shasta is da BOMB! Love the Fender Rhodes sound in the first part, the tight horns, the bass line, the flute in the second part and especially, the inclusion of a Hammond organ.