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Scheduled to release in 2009, Anjulie’s forthcoming debut album is more than promising. “Boom”, from her recently released EP, encompasses classy 60’s vibe, catchy phrasing, smooth horn arrangements and overall excellent production. The seductive quality of her sound and delicately teasing style is comparable to Bitter:Sweet’s Shana Halligan. Anjulie comes as a charismatic and intriguing up-and-coming singer.

Refined arrangements and sultry vocals.
Anjulie – Boom
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15 Responses to “Anjulie”

  1. Christian the Heretic :

    This is a delicious track.
    Thank you!

    Will we get to hear more from her?

  2. Noe :

    Good stuff, man! This will def be part of my summer playlist.

  3. rap :

    impressive find … especially with all the junk floating around. thx

  4. PaulV54 :

    Anjulie was also in a film, a couple of years ago, with an indie studio called INSURGENT PICTURES. The movie, JAILCITY, was pretty good. Won the New York/Avignon Film Festival here in NYC.

  5. Robert Halvarsson :

    I will have to look out for that EP. Impressive and not quite the retro soul sound akin to Duffy and Winehouse we have grown accustomed to.

  6. Kendra B :

    I can’t wait for her album to drop! I heard a clip of a song on The Hills last month and I’ve been trying to figure out the artsit since. Turns out it was Anjulie! The song played on the Hills was “the Heat”.

  7. frameshift13v4 :

    She reminds me of Nelly Furtado. Oh well, they’re both Canadian, aren’t they. (I loved her on the Morgan Waters show, too.)

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  9. Prashanth :

    I found this website on MTV-India i am really happy to find this.

  10. Poze :

    I am feeling this… going to do a remix right now. Sorry people, I have it. It’s calling me. Anjulie, you are fresh.

  11. artvandeleigh :

    she’s hot.hahhaa

    good song too.

  12. slipacough :

    Great track, but the rest of her tracks dont match the soul of this one.

  13. gerblize :

    *LOVE* this track, and it just started getting some fairly regular play on 93.5 here in toronto. i agree that some of her other songs don’t quite match the mood of this one, but they are still lovely in their own way and provide a little diversity of sound while still showcasing her fantastic vocals.

  14. кceня :

    Согласен с автором . У меня такое же мнение :)

  15. Lain :

    I didn’t know what to expect when I pushed play, but I’m glad I did.