My Toys Like Me

electro-funk // grimey synthpop

Maneuvering brainwaves routed by intricately synthesized polymers of Moloko and Phon°noir familiarity, Frances Noon and Lazlo Legezar have materialized an undulating ecstasy that voyages vital force and bites at your feet. His surreal chorus of extravagant noises deploys a fulgent realm for her iridescent vocals; fluently shifting between sinister and saccharine to timid and giddy. As their motley, crystalline wisped sounds are consumed, a subterranean purlieu emerges. In a carnival’s bygone mystique of bright lights and smiles since ceded to a Hitchcock bale are mad hatters absconding to unite with strawberry shortcakes; rampantly dissolving the absurd, unwanted, depreciating rationalities that impersonate rainbows and he-man transgressions of societal laste. Where We Are threshes trip-hop’s quintessence into dizzying bits and pieces then coalesces to form a twisted treat of enigmatic, aural candy.

Trip-Hop in the age of Twitter.
My Toys Like Me – Superpowers
My Toys Like Me – Bats
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14 Responses to “My Toys Like Me”

  1. john :

    Does anyone else think that Kyle just collects a years worth of words of the day and throws them into one review? Nice vocabulary, but some substance would be nice.
    Cool sound though, where are they from?

  2. Bryan :

    I really like the sound, but I am with John and am scratching my head over the review.

  3. holytrousers :

    @John : he is describing music with words, metaphores and complex images. It’s not an easy task and i think he is doing it pretty well:)

  4. jeffxprince :

    Nice! collaboration! describing reality based on music, elaborate, combination through words and music sounds good, and the sound is hip. defining odds beyond words.

  5. sarah :

    I’ve just ordered the album…if those two songs are anything to go on i’m expecting to be taken on some crazy journey by my speakers for the evening…will come back the same i wonder?

  6. Cillian :

    I actually like that “ridiculously incomprehensible while also alternating between the twin realms of words that are inside our sphere of knowledge and outside” style of writing. Like a cartoon scientist talks.

  7. Cillian :

    and they are from London/St.Albans


    The review is somewhat unhelpful and self-indulgent, but on the other hand its a tough task finding a selection of accurate adjectives without sounding boring, so I congratulate the effort. The music is tight too. Aurgasm is a consistently good blog. We will blog about this band ourselves in the near future, if yet another string of adjectives is indeed what your after. Thanks, as always…

  9. David :

    @ John
    Yes. Luckily he has damn good taste, so I just ignore what he says.

  10. Garymon :

    Amazing album. I just bought it for $2.00 on Amie Street. The price will increase as more people buy it.

  11. Now slightly mentally scarred :

    Whoever wrote that review is a twat. It’s a load of wordy bollocks that he probably read time and again thinking ‘God i’m good’ when good writing doesn’t rely on a plethora of long and rarely used words but rather painting an image with the words used that is easily consumable, digestable and comprehensable. The only image i have after reading this is him wanking over a dictionary, and for that alone i think i should sue for mental abuse.



    Ok folks, just read the comments ya’ll have been saying and all i can say is put a lid on your egotistical idioms of nonsense…seriously, give the guy a break, who cares how he describes it essentially. If you’re curious enough to click play, then either like it or don’t. Don’t fuckin criticize how he uses his adjectives. Leave him be. So piss off if you don’t like it…and do stay if you appreciate the thought and effort put into this whole blog. Simple.

  13. someone else :

    I skipped most of the introduction first time round though never really thought why. However after reading some of these comments I had to look again and wow.

    How can I put this, there is a serious difference between ‘Maneuvering brainwaves routed by intricately synthesized polymers’ and stuff that actually almost makes sense like ‘enigmatic, aural candy’. So, basically what I would you to do is limit the writer to 3 words for everything, forever. Please.

  14. Kyle :

    @mentally scarred: i agree that good writing should be widely accessible. when visiting friends at colleges, i was surprised how often i found students and professors thinking they were awesome for using rare words. in my mind: if you aren’t getting your point across, you’re not doing a good job. finding simple words that can paint vividly is more impressive to me, and i consider a greater challenge. however, there are moments when a unique word’s meaning cannot be had well enough otherwise, and my ultimate goal when describing music is to be completely true to what i feel; slightly above my ideal of writing being accessible. to describe their complex music, i felt twisting words to match the myriad of barely identifiable sounds was the truest method. my thought every time i read every post again and again is that i hope i’m being true to the artist’s creation, while hopefully helping to promote them. thanks for all comments