Rachel Goodrich

acoustic // shake-a-billy

A ladybug from Miami’s South Beach can play the kazoo and charango while singing ~ who knew!? Well I’m sure glad to have finally found out, because Rachel Goodrich presents a pleasantry unlike any other. She grew up perceiving music as a seemingly essential ingredient for life, which may be what allows her to welcome any sound-making thing into her arena; dancing and tinkering in astounding whimsy. Quirky yet smooth, she meshes this inventive inventory into a joyful jubilee – donning theatrical highlights amidst her casual rhythms and rhymes that hearten emotions like new rays of sunshine. (thx, Ben)

Because a ladybug played kazoo.
Rachel Goodrich – Dope Song
Rachel Goodrich – Light Bulb
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18 Responses to “Rachel Goodrich”

  1. Wyatt :

    Wow. Normally I really like your choice of music, Tricot Machine, Movits, Cohen, but this is just downright horrible. Maybe a lapse in judgement, maybe she’s a friend? I don’t know, but not only is she as pretentious and untalented as they come, but she is ripping off nearly every early big band and jazz combo that ever made itself known in the 20th century. But of course, how can she not be a hipster if she’s not stealing and utterly destroying any semblance of credit that our culture may still have. Oh, and her lyrics suck.

  2. Wyatt :

    Oh, and way to rip off CocoRosie with the intro.

  3. Paul Irish :


    at aurgasm dont judge people on how hipster-y they are, we do on their music.

    and as for that..

    i don’t really catch you on the cocorosie bit. i don’t think its fair to let cocorosie corner the market on found objects as instruments. if anything, cocorosie/thebooks/psapp are the first in a long line of musicians successful at experimentation while maintaining song quality. expect more like them.

    it’s a hard thing to do, selecting music that’s both quirky/whimsical/innovative but also quite good. i think rachel is successful in that pursuit. i don’t challenge your taste and that’s totally fine that you don’t like her. diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks. :)

  4. Kyle :

    Wyatt, it’s perfectly fine that not everyone enjoys the same things, but there’s no need to place such harsh judgment on someone. i find it unfortunate that a girl making fun tunes can twist you into miserable dismay. your attitude is what destroys.

  5. Julie :

    I’m so glad you were able to post this artist! I actually think she suits aurgasm’s lineup quite well – curiously different music that many have never heard. True, her tastes are a bit whimsical and discordant, but that’s the beauty in it. If you ever get the chance to hear her play I highly recommend it. You will see how she can change the mood of a room from a few stragglers holding beers to a venue filled with smiles, whistles, clapping, and dancing. She injects a simple happiness I haven’t felt from music in quite a while. Isn’t that sway of emotions why we ultimately listen to music anyway?

  6. stopthemjah :

    i like it, that youtube version makes me smile, much better that the recorded version

  7. Kevo32A :

    this is my first time on thsi site. i must say, i like this. its just enjoyable but man is it surreal.

  8. WonderCow :

    I think this chick is downright delightful. I can’t help but find myself grinning like an idiot whenever I listen to Dope Song. It’s upbeat, clever, and catchy as hell. And it’s about bud, which is totally awesome.

    I will be buying her album.

  9. Marcos Azambuja :

    Great lady, funny stuff! And no, I don’t think she’s pretensious, on the contrary: good humor saves human race, always. Remembering Zappa: does humor belongs…?

  10. GriNinja :

    I love Rachel’s passion and the joy she brings. The kind of art expression that you wanna share with your friends.
    ps: (because we are on a music blog) did you noticed that Lightbulb comes from the very heart of the Queen’s “Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy”?

  11. jammy :

    dang, usually i like to lurk but, dammit Wyatt, you made me want to speak up: i like the Dope Song by Rachel Goodrich – it is fun & bouncy & makes me laugh

    take your ridiculously snide & very hipster attitude elsewhere, please – thanks!

    much gratitude to Mr. Irish for once again dropping a bitchin’ pot of sunshine into the mix

  12. Andrew :

    she’s playin’ the charanga!
    it’s not a mandolin.

    they’re traditionally made out of an armadillo shell.

  13. Kelli :

    I went to high school with Rachel and she was an awesome musician then. My sister brought me to her concert at Churchill’s in Miami and it was one of the best shows I’ve seen. I didn’t know she was that gifted at writing, and she’s a trip to know in person. Her music always brightens my day and is some of the few songs that are a pleasure to have stuck in my head. I have her first album and will continue to be a fan!

  14. Gabi :

    I heard Light Bulb on a commercial and went out on a quest to find it, so when I came across this site, I was extremely happy. I absolutely love Rachel, I think she is incredible. Her innovative use of instruments and sounds is so awesome. It all just makes me dance. I’ve listened to Light Bulb about 50 times in the past two days…I can’t get enough.

  15. Matt :

    After hearing dope song, I’m pretty positive that she could careless if her music sounds relative to anything. besides, its art right? isn’t it for everyone and by everyone?

  16. Sol :

    Rachel makes people happy. Thats good music. Its alright to hate, but first look at yourself and see what makes you dislike it. “Its Fun”, and she puts on a great show.

  17. Rosscott :

    I’ve been listening to these two tracks since I found them here on Aurgasm, and just revisited the post to remind myself where I found them .I think it’s time to buy the album.

  18. Dan :

    I had the pleasure to see her perform at Bordello Bar in Los Angeles. She was not the headline act, and IMHO she stole the show. I also like the youtube version of this song best. Rachel is not an act when she performs, I felt that there was a real person on stage showing it all. I liked her 1st song, by the end of her set I was a fan.