Nels Cline

ambient // electronic // guitar

Wilco fans (you know who you are) will recognize Nels Cline as that band’s lead guitarist, but he’s been doing other stuff on his own (collaborating, featuring, musicating, etc.) for a little over thirty years, now “” and yet, still, his solo stuff seems to remain under-appreciated. Perhaps some of it is too experimental for a big following (and I don’t mean that as any kind of affront to Wilco fans), like the opening track from Coward, his latest album; it’s called Epiphyllum, and is basically a wall of foamy, pulsating sound. The rest of the album, though, gets a little more melodic, borrowing heavily from Middle-Eastern sounds and even The Twilight Zone at one point, and rounding out nicely with Cymbidium, yet another wall of sound “” but one with cracks in it, chinks of guitar and scars of bass. There are shades of Susumu Yokota and maybe Faithless, too, and overall of quiet, confident comfort. Close your eyes and let it grow.

Soothing, glowing noise
Nels Cline – Cymbidium
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3 Responses to “Nels Cline”

  1. zen :

    Every once in awhile Nels Cline will play with Jon Brion at Largo in Los Angeles. Deep avant garde jazz that deconstructs into light chamber pop. Truly a must see show!

  2. Leviethan Cecil :

    I LOVE Nels Cline! I saw him with Mike Watt about ten years ago. He is probably the best guitar player I have ever seen. He perfectly blended experimental jazz sensibility within traditional song structures. He was somehow simultaneously shredding and playing very tastefully. A very rare talent indeed. He is also a really friendly, unpretentious guy. I’m happy that he has such a great day job now (Wilco). He deserves all the attention he can get.

  3. tclopetfan :

    nels is the man! ive seen him with wilco 5 times and doing his own solo stuff just as much. some of his shit is a little out there like marc ribot. however, if the patience and tolerance is there, it takes the experimental noise and insanity to appreciate the calmer moments. however, this newer ambient stuff is actually amazing all around.