Susumu Yokota

electronic // ambient // soundscape

Susumu Yokota has released a somewhat ridiculous thirty (ish) albums over the last fourteen years, mainly in Japan and mainly in the house/techno genre. Over here in Angloland, though, he’s best known for his ambient electronica that’s a chilling sort of blend of The K&D Sessions and the Myst soundtrack. It’s all layers of hum, echoing bells, and sparsely shaken beats, and blends dreamily into one, beautifully rich canvas of sounds. The tracks here are from his 2002 The Boy and the Tree; his other ambient albums are Sakura, Grinning Cat, and Magic Thread.

Eerily hypnotic.
Susumu Yokota – Grass, Tree And Stone
Susumu Yokota – The Colour of Pomegranates
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6 Responses to “Susumu Yokota”

  1. nick :

    Other ambient albums (available in N.America) by him include “Symbol”, “Wonder Waltz”, “Laputa”, “Sound of Sky”, and “Distant Sounds Of Summer”. All are excellent :)

  2. lucy :

    thank you xxx

  3. Shawn :

    Wow, this is really good. I’ve never been a big fan of ambient music, but this is great! Thanks for all the great music!

  4. Lucas :

    I like the relatively organic feeling of this. The panning tremolo effect sounds like an old tube amp.

  5. n :

    and colour of pomegranates is a really great film by the wonderful director Sergei Paradjanov.

  6. lextrical :

    If you like this then you have to check out Sakura and Grinning Cat. They are both sublime.