Karolina & Funset

reggae // funk

A member of Habanot Nechama, versatile performer and vocalist for Kutiman’s funky tunes, MC Karolina deserves a mention for her colourful mixture of sounds. With the jolly jump-up reggae and funk infusions, fun grooves and playful lyrics, Karolina & Funset form their own conception of catchiness. Improving the mood at any time, getting the audience on their feet , “Lion” is an entirely fun experience.

Brimming with high energy and explosive singing.
Karolina & Funset – Lion
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7 Responses to “Karolina & Funset”

  1. nivek :

    this so good!ty

  2. Reut :

    I just love it!

  3. Javejavor :

    Interesting to say the least, although the funk part is rather “ragga”-influenced, in my opinion.

  4. Micha :

    Ist das die Live-Version?

  5. Micha :

    ah dang, I forgot to write in English. I meant if that is the live version of the song? (u can delete the other comment :))

  6. R dude :

    Cool Tunes, go Funset!

  7. Dejiridoo :

    My friend had Karolina & Funset’s album playing in the background at his house. It has been on the rotation on my ipod for over a year. The tracks range from roots reggae to house music. MC Karolina has a phenomenal voice, capable of fitting in a groove and driving a song. She has remarkable range and ‘Lion’ shows a sense of humor to boot. Her musicians are also accomplished — tight beats, expressive horns, and some solid sampling.

    Truly a great album. I’ve been hoping she’ll swing through New York sometime soon.