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Fusing vintage influences with the modern psychedelic, Israeli multi-instrumentalist and composer Ophir “Kutiman” Kutiel captures the essence of the great funk. Loaded with scratchy guitar riffs, horn arrangements, and the catchy vocal hooks of his affiliate musicians, wonderfully produced Kutiman’s first full-length album delivers everything we love about hip-swaying funk and the feeling of the 70’s. Dabbling in afro-beat, soul and disco grooves, Kutiman keeps my head spinning and my feet moving.

Intoxicating experience for your body and soul.
Kutiman – Music Is Ruling My World (feat. Karolina)
Kutiman – No Reason For You (feat. Elran Dekel)
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10 Responses to “Kutiman”

  1. BadEvan :

    Thank You for turning me onto Kutiman. I’ve been bopping around to “Music Is Ruling My World”. It’s making my day that much better.

  2. dirkhaim :

    MC Karolina is one the Banot Nehama, which It you featured. Maybe should link to that post


  3. Julija :

    Yes. Thanks for the reminder, dirkhaim.
    MC Karolina (Karolina Avratz) is a member of one of Aurgasm favourites Habanot Nechama

  4. javejavor :

    “No Reason For You” is such a groovy track. Excellent, thanks for sharing this gem!

  5. Tim J. :

    The spacey groove of “No Reason” is making my morning delightfully less mundane. Thanks!

  6. Deirdre :

    This music made me want to remove my skin and roll around in it.

  7. Reut :

    the Kutiman music is amazing. I am from israel and bought his beautiful record a couple of weeks ago. this one is a real treat, one of the albums for 2007.

  8. huipiiing :

    I love this! Probably one of the best aurgasm picks!

  9. LaurenLauren :

    Wow, these songs are amazing. Great find. Thank you.

  10. Aviv :

    http://thru-you.com/ Show’s his work well…