Kira Neris

nu-jazz // downtempo

At 11 years old, Hervé Poudoulec begins hearing and feeling music over the radio. His mind collects fragments and wonders what to do; pondering from Rock to House, Dance and Jazz; amassing over 4000 samples before experiencing The Cinematic Orchestra’s ‘Motion‘ – helping to align hidden vibrations. Kira Neris graciously strides from downtempo and jazzy affairs to voluptuous dance vibes with an earnest underlining.

Marvelous samples enriched in soulful harmonies.
Kira Neris – Open Doors
Kira Neris – Un Été Sans Fin
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13 Responses to “Kira Neris”

  1. Antony K. :

    Wow, what amazing find! For some reason, I’m feeling a “Quantic meets St. Germain in a jazz lounge” vibe from these tracks…

  2. huipiiing :

    hey Kyle, I really enjoy your picks for aurgasm. Your finds are amazing! Thank you for Kira Neris… it’s excellent.

  3. Syven :

    Enjoyed learning about Hervé Poudoulec. Spontaneous self-expression is something I can readily identify with, there is a real calming serenity about this guy’s music and so it is very much in tune with what I think of jazz – which I expect to have an air of spontaneity rather than fixed arrangement.
    I like that attitude about Jazz, that Miles Davis attitude of “I will play it first and tell you what it is later”.


  4. Deirdre :

    Simply…….magnificent. I am trembling lightly.

  5. John H :

    Very nice! Thanks for introducing us to Kira Neris. My kind of vibe.

  6. Sirsparrow :

    I really loved this artist. I even went out and got the rest of their album. Really loving it. Reminds me a lot of Lemon Jelly! and the Avalanches.

  7. Rob :

    Heard it…bought it. Thanks for all the great tunes.

  8. Kyle :

    Quantic meets St. Germain.. that’s a great combo. I can definitely hear Lemon Jelly with the Avalanches too. I’m amazed this is Hervé’s first musical outing, and reading about him, his method of creation/inspiration, has been interesting as well.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying this.. cheers

  9. Alex :

    What a sound! Very lovely rithm.Congratulations!

  10. Alan :

    Just lovely music. I feel like I’m sitting in a cafe in Paris.

  11. Drizzo :

    First track is great, though the second is not bad, it’s a bit difficult to exclude the Bobby Hebb sample without hearing the original in your head.

  12. Haizee :

    Beautiful stuff. Reminds me of Koop. Thanks for the magic Aurgasm…

  13. Marcos Vicente :


    I´ve enjoyed this very much until I found that it´s in fact Lonely Woman from Horace Silver in disquise…