Habanot Nechama

israeli acoustic indie reggae

Clapping my hands and swaying from side to side, I enjoy listening to the sunny sounds of Habanot Nechama. Warming and comforting, as Hebrew word nechama indicates to consolation, the trio of experienced Israeli singers combines soothing and joyful tones in their music. The nechama girls’ soulful vocals, minimalist arrangements of acoustic guitars and drums, carrying reggae infusions, and the overall vibe of optimism, deliver more than a lovely reminiscence of fading summer. (Thanks dirkhaim!)

Uplifts the spirit, and makes it summer anytime.
Habanot Nechama – Hakol Kashura (Everything’s Alright)
Habanot Nechama – So Far Lihiot (To Be)
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11 Responses to “Habanot Nechama”

  1. Luis :

    Extraordinary! (at this moment im hearing Hakol Kashura last part… at this very moment it has just ended); probably i should be on a Hebrew month or something: 3 weeks ago I was stuck with Matisyahu, one week ago started hearing Idan Raichel who (recomdention here) has a wonderful combination of indian, arab, jew sefardi, ethiopic, europop and reggae music

  2. jumper :

    the vocal harmonies are beautiful.


  3. André Cortes :

    Incredibly refreshing! Really gorgeous voices.
    I adore the voice crescendo on Hakol Kashura!

  4. TheOxhorn :

    I never realized Hebrew could sound so vibrant – I’ve always associated it with brooding liturgy and too much phlegm.

  5. sebocalm :

    just been to a show last saturday

    exploding with fresh talent and lots of fun

    keep it up girls

  6. cliffjumpa :

    Excellent songs made my bad day good

  7. el_jefe :

    Oh my! I’m in love!

  8. kenji :


  9. TOMER :

    this song is so grate.

    and i’m from Israel so i know the meaning of the words and the music whith the words are grate combining!

  10. Isa :

    Adorei a música! Muito intensa e achei difícil parar de ouví-la.

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