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Los Angeles producer edIT has done his fair share of remixes and edits (natch!), but when Hefty commissioned him to throw together a mix mashing their electronic catalog against some hiphop jams, his production talent had a 40 minute showcase. After 18 months, the man is back with his LP “Certified Air Raid Material”. Collabs with TTC and Busdriver keep the mic burning hot while edIT’s impeccable production delivers. In addition to the track below, “Crunk De Gaulle” and “Battling Go-Go Yubari…” stand out in the 2007 scene, too.

Crunchy and gritty hiphop from a squeaky-clean production.
edIT – Artsy Remix (feat. The Grouch)
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  1. ray9x :

    Good to finally hear some of edIT’s studio stuff; he’s been killing it live for a while now. Might I also suggest the Gaslamp Killer? He’s great and has DJed for the Grouch as well… The music on his MySpace is way different from his “typical” fare, but check out those videos, they’re great!


    Have you checked out the new Karsh Kale and Anoushka Shankar disc? That’s pretty good too. :)

  2. MJ :

    Oh dear, I want to know the full lyrics to this song. Extremely fun and cool.

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  4. zen :

    good find paul :)

  5. ClassyD :

    by The Grouch.

    You ain’t artsier than me…
    Cuz you got sideburns and a vintage Tee

    i said You ain’t artsier than me…
    Cuz you pluck a guitar.. that ain’t f-ckin bizarre

    You ain’t artsier than me…
    Cuz you live in Los Felis, bitch you ain’t jesus

    You ain’t artsier than me…
    I got a colorful vocab… watch the low jab.

    So what you’re a vegan?
    It shows in your presence you be geekin’
    and you be seeking the same life
    speakin the game like the enemy

    hang tight

    I got a tail about 6 foot 1 by infinity
    full of sun, rain and potential energy
    all you saw were the K-swiss,
    clean crisp creased jeans means this.

    So you thought in ———– ?
    thought-tipper, unzip the zipper
    no I don’t wear hemp or drink liquor
    and that don’t make me the man, just a little bit sicker

    Spit-kicker with an eye fom the big dipper
    from an island clip emerges a loud whisper
    and I’m proud of this. it’s my art
    You’re doin yoga just to look the part

    You ain’t artsier than me…
    cuz you chop up breaks and you dig in the crates

    You ain’t artsier than me…
    You’re just a trendy lesbian.. dreadlocked thespian

    You ain’t artsier than me…
    cuz you make weed brownies and knit wool hats

    You ain’t artsier than me…
    you pseduo-elitst old-school sap

    Don’t let an 808 scare ya
    shake stripes off your shirt and clear the whole area
    I’m humanoid too
    and if you’re cool with me then I’ll look past avoiding you
    …instead of through
    I’m down with VWs and flossed-out caddys on 22s too.

    I Bang for good fools
    I kill for nothin
    I bill for something
    family and peace

    hand me the piece I’ll hit it… i’m social
    hear my opinion. I’m proud. I’m vocal
    local in a foreign place
    more digital than dusty but trust me I be tourin space.

    you be whorin’ at a comfortable pace
    you be skippin a chore just to jump in the race
    I be bumpin my bass like you collect comics
    I’m not weird. I’m honest

    You ain’t artsier than me…
    cuz you only read books, don’t watch tv.

    You ain’t artsier than me…
    cuz you shop at whole foods in open-toed shoes

    You ain’t artsier than me…
    cuz you speak real soft and drink chai tea

    You ain’t artsier than me…
    I recycle too… I’m kinda like you

    I just look cleaner. grown demeanor
    wear deoderant… registered voter and
    tree hugger too… not in these clothes
    me lovin you but it’s gotta be both ways

    most days I’m earthy, stay grounded…
    often it’s a paper chase.. I’m well rounded
    straight to face
    it’s all boundless
    i’ll make a sound universally dope

    overcome adversity
    reshape the worst of me
    do it for the love and release it commercially
    like a blockbuster started at sundance
    you can’t stop man you only get one chance

    presentation is key
    hesitation ain’t me
    innovation is my A R T
    dedication is free
    occupation is me
    innovation is my A R T

    You ain’t artsier than me…
    cuz you drive a hybrid and carpool with three

    You ain’t artsier than me…
    cuz you a sixteenth mexican, you ain’t ethnic and

    You ain’t artsier than me…
    you’re just a broke-ass poet with the same old cadence

    You ain’t artsier than me…
    we was conscious first… welcome to earth.

  6. rannva :

    Love love love it!

  7. ProjectGSX :

    According to riaaradar.com, this CD was NOT released on a record label who is a member of the RIAA. So, buy in good conscience.

  8. Steve :

    Where can I find more stuff like that?

    Did like DJ Orgasmic’s TTC remix too.

    Any recommandation?


  9. heidi :

    I love this song.

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  11. Zechmann :


    Here’s some stuff you might like…
    Zion I – Grouch has been working with them lately… love their first album, Mind Over Matter.
    Tech N9ne – voice similar to the Grouch (at least I think)… Good music to party to.
    There’s a lot more i’d recommend if you really like him, but that’s a good start just considering this song.

    Hope that helps.

  12. brian :

    love it!