Samantha James

deep house // downtempo

Tropically warm, upbeat and blissful; exactly what I was looking for to start 2008. Teaming up with Sebastian Arocha Morton, aka ROCAsound, and San Francisco based OM Records, Samantha James‘ debut is a soulful unison that her honeyed voice must have been made for. Embracing any surrounding with its aura; whether in a bedroom, out for a drive, or steaming up a club, Rise will sustain its essence hovering all around and inside you. A bossa nova flare from Aurgasm alum Celso Fonseca adds a wonderful touch.

OM grooves lift spirits to continue onward.
Samantha James – Rise
Samantha James – I Found You ft Celso Fonseca
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18 Responses to “Samantha James”

  1. Benoit :

    Oh no, thats songs suck…

  2. snow_san :

    mainstream/commercial stuff. surprised to see it here.

  3. Mo.Hagawi :

    Dear Samanatha this just great, you have nice voice, and nice used of it, this the amazing song i’ve ever heard in 2008 keep it up keep your self alive.

  4. Shawn :

    Hmm, not too fond of this kinda stuff. It’s not bad though.
    I love the new interface for listening on here though.

  5. huipiiing :

    It’s kinda sorta nice, but nothing really unique about it.

  6. snitcher :

    this is really good quality chill house for sure. definitely one of the best artists i’ve heard coming out from om. kinda reminds me of blue six and aquanote, but better. these two songs are not the best of the album imho, go d/l the full album, or listen at and you will discover how strong it is. angel love was one of the tracks i found myself returning to over and over in 2007. highly recommended.

  7. Alan :

    Not usual for the site, yes, but great nonetheless. I love these tracks!

  8. Aaron :

    I have been in love with this recently. Easy, warm, relaxing, exciting. NICE!

  9. Kylie :

    Where did she come from? This easy on the ears listening! Are there any remixes anyone has heard?

  10. DJ S :

    Samantha J has me lost in space!

  11. Phil :

    It’s quality for what it is. If you’re so indie-rocker it hurts, save us the time of reading your pontifications. great voice. great production. it may not be the sound du jour, but good music deserves being recognized and this is good music. I am definitely a fan.

  12. French SamanthaFan :

    shut up Benoit The Samantha’s Song are awesome.

    Va voir ailleurs batard et va ├ęcouter de vieille musique de pd!!

  13. Colin :

    I didn’t feel that there was anything unique about this music. Stopped it half way through. It’s unusual for me to not like something from

  14. Anand :

    Samantha James :you are fantastic .If `Rise’is smooth n silky , `Breathe you in’ is a combo of Pop , Electronica at its best. Check out the percussions ! Absolute Blissful melody.

  15. jb :

    her myspace adress is . amazing tunes .ibiza adventure soundtrack!

  16. Abhimanyu Ghoshal :

    I simply loved this album. Samantha’s got a got great voice that goes perfectly with her well-written songs. I love the smooth production on this record too. Solid effort!

  17. anthony from dc :

    love the second track, but was very surprised to see Rise here… this was released on Om:Lounge 10 back in spring of 2006… still a good track, but that was two seasons ago….

  18. Paul :

    I think I heard this in a retail store…by Wexler….
    If not… should be there… POSITIVE, moving, nice rhythm tracks for dancing in the shower with the love of my life.