Celso Fonseca

nueva bossa nova // brazilian acoustic

Little can put your mind at ease the way that some quiet bossa nova can. Fonseca, a producer and instrumentalist who has collaborated with Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, and Bebel Gilberto, has been actively creating music since he was 12. He now is releasing Rive Gauche Rio by way of world music powerlabel Six Degrees. Fonseca has lately been working as one of the most desired producers in Brazil; his keen ear shows on this record – the sounds are beautiful, sensual, and slightly melancholic all at once. He duets quietly, subtly and smoothly on “Don De Fluir” in Spanish with Oscar-winning Urugyuan vocalist Jorge Drexler in typical Brazilian unhurried rhythm. As a surprise, Celso gives Damien Rice’s eerie and somber “Delicate” a new face; an interesting cross-continental cover with graceful guitar and heart-trodden percussion.
Feeling easy, warm sunshine, wading in the sea.

Celso Fonseca – Don De Fluir
Celso Fonseca – Delicate (Damien Rice cover)
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11 Responses to “Celso Fonseca”

  1. Anonymous :

    Encore Encore !!! Very refreshing ! Keep up the great thread ! I’m a big bossa nova fan,,,, thanks to you, I’ll be tracking this Celso Fonesca CD down at my fave indie record store in Va. Beach, Birdland Music.

    B in NC

  2. Paul Irish :

    Good luck B.
    Oh, and while you’re there, you should kindly mention that Ladysmith Black Mambazo is not hiphop.

  3. Anonymous :

    if my eyes read it properly , it say”s hiphop/r&b…
    thats a slash, as in AND r&b. however, nice observsation just the same.. still cool tuneage !


  4. Paul Irish :

    Yes, but!
    (I never thought I’d get into a genre-fight about LBM)….
    Ladysmith Black Mambazo is neither hiphop nor R&B.

  5. Anonymous :

    if i can determine the genre, maybe i’ll buy the mambazawambo’s as well as the stuff you posted today on-line.. .keep up the cool tuneage. B

  6. timmy :

    excellent find. thanks a lot for introducing me to more brazilian. i’ve loved everything i’ve heard (or seen) from that country.

  7. Sarah :

    Thanks for introducing me to Emiliana Torrini! I picked up a few of her albums this week and I’m suddenly in love with a fellow woman… I feel so gay.

  8. Skoodog :

    I love acoustic bossa nova…this reminds of the Woman on Top soundtrack, which I found in a little record shop in Pasadena – terrible, terrible movie, beautiful soundtrack.

    Paul, did I ever send you that?

  9. neel :

    I just wanted to say that I’ve been reading Aurgasm for several months, and since the first visit, I’ve found it indispensable. Case in point: I’ve probably listened to the Celso Fonseco track fifteen times since I first heard it last night.

    Anyway, the content is fantastic and the site is a pleasure to look at and use. Keep up the great work.


  10. Anonymous :

    Nice music. Carry on!

  11. lonomatopeur :

    Nice picture and nice music
    where i can find this pictures?