The Herbaliser

hip hop // breaks ‘n beats // downtempo

In ’98, I spent the summer on a ladder scraping dry blue paint off an ugly house. Albeit a shitty job, I had a 2X CD-R drive at home that birthed a hiphop mix including The Herbaliser’s “The Blend” featuring vocalist What What. One of my co-scrapers (from ghetto Hartford) dug the track so much that he replaced his prized Nas CD with the Herbaliser. I never saw that CD again. Now, the hip-hop powerduo is releasing their latest album, Take London, on the premire British beats label Ninja Tune. ‘What What’ was actually a psuedonym for female rapper Jean Grae who’s now back to lend her vocal ferocity to “Nahmean Nahm Sayin”. The loud, wide, brash production on this track complements her lyricism perfectly. Meanwhile, “Song For Mary” smooths things out to the downtempo tip; feels a lot like RJD2 on the rocks. This impressive sampling is an indicator of the quality on this CD; highly recommended.
Big, big sounds; slam brass hiphop and dope chilled beats.

The Herbaliser – Nahmean Nahm Sayin (feat. Jean Grae)
The Herbaliser – Song For Mary
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5 Responses to “The Herbaliser”

  1. defStef :

    Excellent, I have a remarkably similar story about “The Blend” and the subsequent disappearance of the CD. Sadly it never turned back up so I re-purchased it. Classic classic song that. Great reminder, thanks!

  2. Tony Harris :

    Thanks for the newsflash…this is the first I’m hearing about the new Herbaliser. I got Very Mercenary (the one with “The Blend” and many other classics) back in 98 and their previous one Blow Your Headphones is also a must have.

    Their releases since then have been spotty but I’m not giving up on them anytime soon.

  3. tintallie :

    Wonderful. I love Herbaliser live, especially when you see the brasss section with the turntables!

  4. Anonymous :

    I can’t believe people are still making music like this. Trip Hop is dead, and I don’t care what you choose to call this turntablism BS, it’s Trip Hop and it was interesting for about one weekend back in 1998.

  5. Anonymous :

    Trip Hop means nothing.