Mélissa Laveaux

folk // acoustic blues // world

Soul, folk, jazz and creole influences shine throughout Camphor & Copper (2008) — the first full-length of self-taught guitarist and singer-songwriter Mélissa Laveaux. On her debut album Mélissa displays impressive musical range and clever lyrics. Mélissa’s folk-blues arrangements, catchy hand claps, whispery vocals and her unique percussive finger-style guitar will be appealing to the fans of Ayo and Aurgasm featured Asa. Of special quality is Mélissa’s sharp and powerful cover of Elliott Smith’s “Needle in the Hay”.

From world music rhythms to brutally honest blues.
Melissa Laveaux – Needle In The Hay
Melissa Laveaux – Koud’lo
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8 Responses to “Mélissa Laveaux”

  1. Jonathan Wilson :

    Hi. I wanted to buy one of these songs and found that the link to iTunes was missing…you don’t want to miss out on those click-throughs! Thanks for a great blog :-)

  2. Julija :

    Jonathan, glad you like it! Unfortunately, Mélissa doesn’t have any distribution in North America yet and there is nothing available to purchase as mp3. Hopefully soon…

  3. Jonathan Wilson :

    Oh, cool, sorry! Double thanks, then, for bringing her to my attention :-)

  4. Melissa :

    Ooooh. I love this!

  5. Jam :

    Mondomix sell her songs: http://mp3.mondomix.com/

    or Amazon.de as well, I think.

  6. Julija :

    Jam, thanks for the link.

  7. Kyle :

    beautiful album

  8. hal :

    What would I do without Aurgasm? Love this artist…