neo soul // r&b

From soul to funky guitar chords and bittersweet ingredients of r&b to surprising reggae twists, Asa (pronounced Asha) carries rich musical heritage and intensely spiritual strength. Asa was born in Paris and raised in Lagos, south-western Nigeria, where absorbing influences of jazz and African music, transforming it into a fresh sound, she constantly craved for singing her heart out. As her first eponymous album flows with ease, groovy rhythms and emotion, Asa projects positive values and her honest point of view on today’s realities.

Infusing with hope, melodies get under your skin.
Asa – No One Knows
Asa – Jailer
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23 Responses to “Asa”

  1. Luis K :

    Lovely stuff. :) Thanks for this.

  2. Melanie : nice..I really appreciate your little treasures u put in here..keep on doing it…ur taste is really covering many wonderful areas of music..

  3. Jake :

    This is good stuff. Thanks, Julija!

  4. Sue :

    I love this!

  5. Jamal :

    Paul, you’re bad man. I really like your stuff.I pass through from time to time and always leave with a little treasure trove of goodies.My bro lives in Boston and I love the city so much that I tend to think good peopel come from there.With that said my man, you’re a good guy.Keep puttin good s**t up and providing people with an alternative to mainstream radio.

  6. Paul Irish :

    Jamal, thanks for the kind comment. You’re actually commenting on Julija’s post here, but we all appreciate the sentiment. We’re dedicated to delivering the finest stuff we can unearth.

  7. Axel :

    My first impression was: “Natasha Bedingfield”. The voice, yes, the style of music, basically yes. But better! Thanks for this post.

  8. Nhu :

    Her voice is so lovely~

    Thanks :D

  9. Peter :

    A bright woman who’s been through a lot and has never given up hope! Her album is a dream-come-true… and it’s something worth listenting to when it’s quiet around you! Asa si good stuff.

  10. Olly :

    If India Arie and Finley Quaye were somehow fused together into one artist, they would sound like this.

    Keep up the good work folks,

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  13. kunle :

    ASA: masterpiece are the tracks, fascinating is the aritst, nd fire on the mountain is just brillant. i love u girl nd hope we meet sometime

  14. lexx :

    Wonderful album!

  15. Akingbemi :

    Now this is wot i call music!! one more musical feather to nigeria. it’s not all bad news.the WORLD needs to hear this!!!please file asa’s new cd under CLASSIC!! Nigeria we hail thee.ASA keep flying !!

  16. Idowu Akinde :


    Asa is from my home country (Nigeria), and I’m absolutely proud to be associated with her – in fact, I believe I’m her greatest fan!

    I continually hear people comparing her to Erica Badu, Macy Gray, India Arie, and today, even Natasha Bedingfield!!! I’ll bet you she’s going places.

  17. Jarred :

    We love you in the United States Asa!

  18. Yasin :

    Smoothest artist since Bob Marley, I hope she doesnt go commercial on us!

  19. Andrea from italy :

    I love Nigeria and their beautiful women and his beautiful music. Asa you are the hope for all those girls and boys Nigerians that they found no future in their country were forced to emigrate to Italy or in Europe. All of them hope and want a free nigeria where everyone can stay healthy.
    Do not stop! Take your message everywhere, and if you want to stop someone not afraid you many friends like me who will be nearby and will sosterrano in difficult times.
    Andrea bad boy of Pavia

  20. Emmi :

    I LUV her. SHe rocks. Natasha Beddingfield can’t sing about pain because she don’t know pain.

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  22. lani :

    tooo good!
    plays the guitar like alicia does her piano.
    certainly a bob marley protege amongst many others…

  23. kelley :

    Amazing! Reminds me a little of a female Michael Franti