Julia Kent

classical // experimental

Cellos excitedly dance and play as subtle sounds find their way; like clouds taking shape in the sky, a vivacious harmony is perceived as Julia shares her Delay. She’s contributed music to Leona Naess, Devendra Banhart, Rufus Wainwright, among many others, and is currently performing with Antony and the Johnsons. If her name seems familiar elsewhere, you may remember her as an original member of Rasputina. All tracks on Delay were composed and performed by Julia, at home, in-between touring and traveling for about a year. An abundant warmth and persistence bellies this music; making most songs feel like a soundtrack in themselves.

Cellos folding like clouds rolling.
Julia Kent – Idlewild
Julia Kent – Dorval
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17 Responses to “Julia Kent”

  1. marcel :

    this is so great. thank you

  2. Jar G. :

    Very interesting stuff.

  3. Adia :

    Thanks for posting this – these songs are absolutely wonderful and I’ll have to track down this CD :)

  4. Nicholas :

    You weren’t kidding, the songs do feel like music to a soundtrack.

    Very good, thank you.

  5. Noya :

    Love cello (I play it!) <33333
    And the music is awesome! When there is the cello it just MUST be awesome. ;)

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    […] for only a few days, and already, I’ve been introduced to my new favourite instrumentalist – Julia Kent, a cellist.  “Dorval”, one of her pieces, reminds me of a whale song, with a sense […]

  7. stray cat :

    great tracks – how do you down load???

  8. Alterhit* :

    Idlewild is incredibly moving

  9. Ed Jonas :

    Very progressive, novel and seemingly original music progressions.
    Novel to me only perhaps but impressive non the less, carry on…

    Ed Jonas

  10. max :

    just what i needed. the music breathes so i don’t have to.

  11. Joe :

    Love it

  12. max :

    secondly. this is the first cd i’ve purchased in forever. it’s that good… thank you.

  13. hal :

    Making my monthly cruise thru your latest incredible offerings, I realized that I hadn’t said “Thanks!” for bringing this wonderful CD to my attention. I purchased the full album on iTunes, and it’s been a wonderful addition to my collection. Just another example of how your fine site drives new customers to these deserving artists…

  14. scoyy :

    yo i really like the music you are creating. im also a cellist and think u are doing a great job

  15. bob :

    this is the freaking jam.

  16. Swoli :

    I love this, too. What I don’t understand about your entries is the omission of the artists’ websites! Julie Kent, for example, has the very “difficult” one http://www.juliakent.com, where she also showcases some pieces.
    Why not use those? Instead of giving people here access to download some pieces you presumably ripped from CDs?

    Sorry to sound harsh, but I support artists.

  17. Paul Irish :

    In many cases, the artists we feature here do not have their personal websites, so we can’t link. In some cases, I agree, and added that link is totally worth it — if the music on their site is beautiful and available, etc.

    It’s also our intent to feature the best music from an artist, because we want to drive more new fans their way.

    We absolutely support artists too. We seek out permission for nearly all the music we post on Aurgasm. So, please, don’t think that we’re trying to rip anyone off. We’re only trying to evangelize these artists as best we can.