donthink: Safe Bet

A luscious and vibrant sound was my aim for this mix, titled ‘Safe Bet’ because I wanted to create an introduction to downtempo / electronic music in a way that may captivate and grow interest. To subtly build an unfamiliar atmosphere and give hints of more to explore.

Classical tendencies, strings especially, sweet beats, glitchy cinematic effects and jazzy grooves fill the air. Mixed in 2003 while DJ’ing at ErrorFM as I hoped to inspire people with new music from around the world.

donthink – Safe Bet (63min):

  1. Xploding Plastix – Dieci
  2. Mujaji – Siempre (Jon Kennedy Remix)
  3. Bonobo – Change Down
  4. Jon Kennedy – Brown Acid
  5. Bathysphere – Where’s Vicky (Quantic Mix)
  6. Caural – Sipping Snake Blood Wine (Savath & Savalas Remix)
  7. The Cinematic Orchestra – All Things To All Men ft Roots Manuva
  8. Broadway Project – Beauty
  9. Yenara – When Mountain Meets The Sea
  10. A Guy Called Gerald – Humanity ft Louise Rhodes (Funkstörung Remiks)
  11. Daedelus – Minor Detour
  12. King Seven – Hidden
  13. Opiate – Pk 50
  14. Hint – Count Your Blessings (Bonobo Mix)
  15. Florian Ross – Piano Interlude

25 Responses to “donthink: Safe Bet”

  1. L.N. Hammer :

    Sweet. This was just was I was needing to listen to this morning. Thanks!

  2. Paul Irish :

    This mix is probably the best downtempo mix I’ve ever encountered. We’re lucky to have Kyle here at Aurgasm.
    So tremendous.

  3. George Morris :

    Fabulous…But how do you buy it?
    Pressing the shopping cart button gives you Amazon but they klaim not to have it..

  4. Matt Duncan :

    Amazing mix! Aurgasm continues to amaze me with every post

  5. Kyle :

    @George Morris: currently not for sale, but i’ll look into this.. maybe it can happen

  6. imfresherthanyou :

    I’m loving this one guys, thanks!

  7. AmbeJL :

    Just save it to your desktop and its yours.

  8. Norah :

    love love love Lou Rhodes. You should post stuff by Lamb. I find that there are still so many people out there who’ve never heard of them.

  9. Dangerscouse :

    I’m currently going through a divorce, which is never gonna be nice, but this mix totally calmed me down after another round of unreasonable behaviour from the soon to be ex-Dangerspouse….

    Fantastic mix, as usual Aurgasm have sorted me out again!! Cheers.

  10. Keyser Söze :

    very nice mix indeed.

  11. Michelle :

    Gorgeous. Well done, sir! :)

  12. Shannon :

    For those of you looking to purchase this–It appears iTunes has a free podcast of this beautiful piece. Happy listening. :)

  13. SoundOfConfusion :

    Fantastic mix, especially that first track. Kicks the whole thing off rather nicely.

  14. shawn :

    I am loving this mix! Great to listen to for the first snowfall of the year!

  15. Mitxmember :

    TOTALLY love it! absolutely awesome. I’d really like to have it on my iPod… any ideas on how to get it?

  16. One8becomes2zeros :

    Fantastic mix!

    Mitxmember, Just right click on the link and ‘save as’


  17. SheRMaN :

    Gracias!! Lovely_in_BuenosAires

  18. PVG :

    Just right click the track and save link as… mp3

  19. Carlyndarlyn :

    I’m trying to find the first track “dieci” by xploding plastix. I love it…but where is it from? I’ve looked through their discography and I can’t find it anywhere… Any ideas would be appreciated

  20. Kyle :

    @Carlyndarlyn, “Dieci” is a song from their demo cd that leaked onto the internet before The Donca Matic Singalongs. there was no track listing, and it was track 10, so Dieci i named it. XP informed Aurgasm that the original title is “Rattlechaser” and (edit) it is now available on Amazon ~ thanks @Bizarre

  21. jspanella :

    If the first tract Dieci is ever made available for purchase please post some kind of link. It is really wonderful.

  22. JBZ :

    I linked to your mix, so if it’s not ok just let me know and I’ll remove it. If you’d like to check the specific posting GoTo:

    Otherwise Thanks in advance!!!

  23. john :

    hey i love this check it if its not for sale whats the deal with maybe a download please could use it on the ipod ya know that site btw is my buddies he is a producer in progress electronic music anyways let me know

  24. Bizarre :

    @jspanella, as Kyle mentioned, the track “Dieci”is called “Rattlechaser” the album it appears on is available on amazon:
    It’s my favorite track as well. It reminds me of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero.

  25. Shane :

    I found this a few months ago when it was posted and I still listen to it all the time! I’m in the process of looking for some of these artists Fantastic! Thank you for getting me learned