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French-Senegalese chanteuse Madjo first captured my attention with “Le Monstre” back in 2009 making her debut album Trapdoor (2010) among my most anticipated albums of the year. While there is very little information about Madjo available to English speakers, she’s the new chanteuse on the rise among French music lovers. Madjo’s repertoire varies from vintage pop influences to Southern folk-blues and tender ballads, somewhat recalling Feist, Yael Naim and Okou with the subtle avant-garde touch of Camille. Une chanteuse extraordinnaire!

From acoustic simplicity to multi-layered beauty.
Madjo – Le Monstre
Madjo – Cracheur De Feu
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5 Responses to “Madjo”

  1. Aonghus :

    Nice… I particularly like the first track off the album – Leaving my Heart (not because it’s in English though)… thank you once again Julija, you have shared something magical once again! :)

  2. Romulo Rodhrigues :


    I simply love this blog! But I haven’t seen new stuff lately. Hope you guys keep it, it’s one of the best blogs/sites to find new music or new artists.

    Great Job!

  3. Lucas :


    This blog is awesome! I found about it today, its the best i’ve known for new music and artists, this french woman is amazing!
    Thank’s guys

    PS: You should really listen to Moveis Coloniais de Acaju it’s a great band I listen here in Brazil.
    Here’s their myspace
    thanks a lot!!

  4. mama :

    why do you call her french senegalese? this singer is French. just because she has a little black (senegalese) doesnt make her senegalese.

  5. Catherine Holder :

    OMG, she is ADORABLE! I LOVE her voice, like a French Corinne Bailey Rae or Adele! I don’t speak a WORD of French, and this album is just fantastic! Guess this shows how good music is just transcendent! You guys rock:)