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The story of Okou begins in a Parisian bar. Tatiana Heintz, originally from the Ivory Coast, and Gilbert Trefzger, a Swiss guitarist with Egyptian roots, are truly world artists. Their debut album Serpentine (2010) blends sounds from around the globe. Serpentine captures the spirit of soul, blues and roots music, evoking the best American folk traditions and New Orleans’ sound with a delicate European touch. The acoustic guitars and banjo arrangements with the somewhat old-fashioned groove make “To The Bone” a perfect road trip soundtrack. Seductively mellow, French sung “A L’aurore” is a real West Africa meets New Orleans musical gem. The outstanding song carries rich instrumentation that includes strings, banjo and tuba.

Soulful southern yet cosmopolitan vibe.
Okou – To The Bone
Okou – A L’aurore
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6 Responses to “Okou”

  1. Prad Nelluru :

    Lovely as always. I just want to say thanks for all of the beautiful songs and talented artists this blog has introduced to me. Our musical tastes seem to be synchrony.

  2. alex_supertramp :

    no doubt —almost EVERY artist you guys introduce me to is a new fave… although i’m going broke, i still appreciate the effort!

  3. The Pursuit of Folk :

    great recommendation!

  4. Zak Weil :

    Thanks for the cool blog! You may like the new Jeff Lorber album Now Is The Time. Here is a free track called “Sumatra”


  5. Sabina :

    I am absolutely in love with A L’aurore. Gorgeous.

  6. LD :

    Sabina – Me to. It’s a gorgeous tune. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the record. Thanks for this intro.