Lagos Disco Inferno

afro-disco // urban // funk

Undeservingly forgotten and ignored for decades, in the late 70’s Lagos, as a large Nigerian metropolitan, was home to many recording studios and the real disco queen of West Africa. Lagos Disco Inferno (2010) is the first compilation of rare and groovy Nigerian disco tunes released outside of Africa. The compilation offers 12 examples of the 70’s disco era where African rhythms meet irresistible urban grooves. “Boogie Trip”, the opening track of the record, gives a taste of this funky and vibrant 70’s spirit, carrying that somewhat familiar disco vibe, yet unique and exotic. Put on your dancing shoes!

Tropical boogie party.
Doris Ebong – Boogie Trip

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3 Responses to “Lagos Disco Inferno”

  1. Dylan :

    Funktastic. I could see this becoming a hit.

  2. Jeanphi :

    Great.Très beau.Thanks !

  3. Suecae :