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A month before my Italian tipster, my gal in Lithuania led me to the talented and innovative French vocalist Camille. You probably know her from her vocals on the Nouvelle Vague album, but her solo talent is impressive. She recently released Le Fil (trans: the wire, the yarn, the string) an album done mostly a capella. This effort learned from Björk’s botched attempt and delivers songs that let you enjoy the levels of voices only if you desire to. Taking on the wire metaphor, throughout the album is a sustained vocal note, like line noise, but on top are created catchy rhythms with adorable melodies.
Filling the spectrum with sounds and voices.

Camille – 1,2,3 from Les Sac Des Filles (2004)
Camille – Ta douleur from Le Fil (2005)
Camille – Au Port (music video) from Le Fil (2005)
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26 Responses to “Camille”

  1. Guuzbourg :

    As you know, Camille released a very good live album last month. You can hear a few songs on my blog.

  2. L'Onomatopeur :

    she is nice and very good performance on stage. She won some price at the “victoire de la musique francaise”.

  3. supergurg :

    great tunes, yet again Paul! :D


  4. Jamie :

    Ta douleur is pretty awesome, it’s like a funky frou frou.

  5. rekha :

    i first heard camille on over a year ago. her voice is striking. haven’t got the CD yet, so thanks for the MP3s!

  6. Paul Irish :

    Guuzbourg runs a fine blog and has some mp3s of a Camille’s new live CD ya’ll should check out:

  7. Paul Irish :

    And Julija tells me about a lot more Camille videos here:

  8. Anonymous :

    I don’t see anything “innovative” in camille’s work. There are MUCH more interesting artists in France than camille.
    She must be “sexy” for you but the music is empty, sorry Paul.

  9. Paul Irish :

    Well, you’ve definitely piqued my interest. What ‘innovative’ French artists can you recommend?

  10. Monsieur J :


    Give a try to Holden.

    All the best


  11. Guuzbourg :

    Holden is a great band, but nothing new there. The way Camille uses her voice, mixes it with the sparse instrumentation, her lyrics, it’s not only very pretty, it’s very off-the-wall and fresh too. Camille = brilliant.

  12. Noelle :

    I agree with the anonymous comment. Above Camille, I’d recommend Keren Ann,Coralie Clement, April March, Helena noguerra, and Anggun

  13. Noelle :

    I forgot Francoiz Breut!

  14. Runman :

    Brilliant, love those tracks. Camille’s voice reminds me of several other singers all at once. But there’s some originality to her music that’s fresh, Put together, there’s a nice flavour of sounds.

    As you said it would be Paul,
    ta for the message.

  15. ruby mc :

    A gentle breeze on the clothesline of ideas and visions in my mind….

  16. LoRezSky :

    cheered me up. un, deux, trois is music for the ledge of a high building, ma douleur for the commute home.

  17. Anonymous :

    Great! I love this girl. Check out her videos. “C’est super”, like french says.

    By the way, someone know where I can get a video version from her new cd? Or maybe another complete live video from Camille?

    And sorry ’bout my english. ;-)

  18. Hannes :

    I’ve got two Albums (Le Fil and Sac des Filles) and I love’em!

  19. moon :

    Great voice
    a woman trubador and sweet voice at same time

  20. Anonymous :

    these songs can take you to a magical place!

  21. Anonymous :

    I love Camille’s voice it so realxing and her songs are so cool. And I know good music when i hear it and Camille is pretty good.

  22. Anonymous :

    I first heard Camille on ‘So Frenchy So Chic’ 2006 which has a variety of different contemporary French sounds for anyone who wants to hear a little more French music. What I would really love is to be able to get an english translation for songs like ‘pale septembre’ which is so beautiful! Anyone know anywhere?

  23. Anonymous :

    Um..geez..this sounds EXACTLY like
    the artist PRINCE.
    listen to the film soundtrack for
    Under the cherry moon.(1987)

    “do you lie”

    I mean..I acually thought prince produced this lady
    so what? well I am a usa listener thats all!

  24. Anonymous :

    An incredible non-profit, media-based organization called Invisible Childen, used one of Camille’s songs in their TRI campaign video. It is beautiful. Check it out here:

  25. Anonymous :

    Oh, and I forgot! Check out Invisible Children and their other beautiful songs and music here:

  26. Pixieguts :

    Camille is in the same realm as Bjork for me. The way she uses her voice is so brilliant, almost takes you into her body. That IS sexy!! And it makes your body feel good too. Love how she does this with punk influences in the mix too. She is a great artist to me.