Javier Dunn

indie folk // singer songwriter

Javier Dunn may be an unfamiliar name to most, but the singer-songwriter has years of experience under his belt. The Los Angeles-based songwriter has been playing guitar since he was 10, put out his first full-length album in 2006, and has been playing guitar with Sara Bareilles since their days at UCLA. Despite spending an incredible amount of time on the road as part of Sara’s band, he’s managed to release another EP, Vessel, earlier this year. The new EP features “If You Go,” an folk-pop gem that is as refreshingly catchy as it is sincere. His stripped down cover of Miike Snow’s “Animal” isn’t on the EP, but remains a particular favorite of mine. Javier’s take on the electropop hit highlights the plaintive lyrics without sacrificing a groove that keeps the track moving. Like, “If You Go,” Dunn’s version of “Animal” is vulnerable, heartfelt and unerringly catchy. Take a listen to both tracks below and see for yourself!

Gorgeous melodies and aching lyrics.
Javier Dunn – “If You Go”
Javier Dunn – “Animal” (Miike Snow cover)
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19 Responses to “Javier Dunn”

  1. Kelly Freeman :

    This guy is amazing – how do I own the “Animal” cover?! This artist, including that song, must be part of my music library!

  2. Clement Grellier :

    Hey :). I love his music, he’s a great musician and singer. His EP ‘Vessel’ is amazing.
    Kelly, you can own the ‘Animal’ cover here : http://javierdunn.com/sounds.php ;)

  3. Michelle :

    @Kelly – You can right-click + save on the track name above to get the mp3.

    @Clement – Thanks for providing that link! :)

  4. Clement Grellier :

    @Michelle – You’re welcome. Oh and by the way, check out my little Javier Dunn Blog – click on my name ;)

  5. Kyle Young :

    i didn’t even really like this miike snow song until i heard this cover.

  6. Dangerscouse :

    Fantastic, beautiful, wonderful, etc etc……what a marvellous cover. Cheers!!

  7. Krystle :

    heyyyy beautifully done :)
    I have always loved this song , and this cover is very refreshing and just simply amazing. Great job!:)

  8. Tamar :

    I know him since I’m madly in love with Sara Bareilles and her great band…
    I think his music is beautiful. I really enjoy listening to it, also… his writing is amazing!
    Andddd… an idea just came to my mind… he should do a duet with Sara. That would be epic!
    Love :)

  9. Carl Parker :

    c’est magnifique!

  10. buff :

    I like you songs and big fan of you

  11. chandni :

    very melodies , u hv a beautiful voice

  12. Kim :

    I think i’m in love! Oh my god, “if you go” is perfection. Nice work!

  13. Jimmy Mill :

    This guy is awesome. Have recently become a fan of smoother folk indie melodies and unknown artists. Hadn’t even heard of Sufjan Stevens til recently and really loving him. This recommendation is also excellent- thanks heaps. To return the favour, here’s a a new Sydney Band to check out who I’m loving. They are called Circle and well worth a listen.

    Thanks again,


  14. David Brewer :

    I loved “Animal” Next time you are at papa’s house, give me a call.

    Keep on keepin on,


  15. Colleen Dunn :

    As real as it gets, and it can’t be missed when you sit and have a good listen to both of these songs.

    The lyrics in “If You Go” touched me most. “Nothing good in this goodbye . . .” the sad endings we can all relate to — and then, “let me go on without you” a testament to the ever hopeful human condition and a man with a broken heart commiting himself to his best effort at a new day without that special someone. Most of us can relate to that.

    The simple melody of the acoustic guitar behind the deep lyrics was a perfect match of contrast and gave the song an elegant sound.

    I now have a way to get to know one of my brothers, something I always wished for, and that is through his music.

  16. Kelly Dunn :

    Both beautiful songs! You are amazing Javi and I had a wonderful time watching you perform with Sara in S.F. Watching you “do your thing” gives new meaning to the words “in the present”. Wishing you love and happiness on this New Year’s Eve. xox

  17. John Greenya :

    Fine singer, lovely songs, especially the Javier Dunn original. Brings the soul-satisfying work of great singer-songwriters of the 60s and 70s to mind.

  18. Ismael Saavedra :

    Javier is awesome, I really enjoy “If you Go”, tender, sweet, flows naturally to the bottom of my heart, and my words keep shhort, because the feelings Javier´s music brings to me go deep into my soul. Thank you for existing.

  19. Amanda Ryskamp :

    Wow! I am absolutely in love with this “Animal”cover but i cannot get it downloaded to save my life! I’ve tried right clicking and it doesn’t give me the option to save. I was going to buy it on iTunes, but it’s not on iTunes! HELP!