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By the end of 2010, it’s safe to say that British female-fronted pop projects strongly dominated the year’s musical landscape. Florence Welch’s charming extravagance, Natasha Khan’s (Bat for Lashes) dark-ish melodies and Marina Diamandis’ sparkling pop debut received critical acclaim on both sides of the pond. Fallulah, a.k.a. Copenhagen-based Maria Apetri, certainly reflects the current musical tendencies. While her debut album The Black Cat Neighbourhood (2010) offers quirky melodies and somewhat dark, richly layered soundscapes comparable to the British diva invasion, she adds a rather unique touch of Balkan folk to her sound. The Black Cat Neighbourhood displays Fallulah’s strong songwriting skills, rich instrumentation that includes everything from folky strings, ukulele and glockenspiel to irresistible whistling and hand-claps along her expressive, distinct vocals.

Quirky and glamorous pop gems.
Fallulah – Only Human
Fallulah – Use It For Good
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9 Responses to “Fallulah”

  1. Wade :

    I love her vocals. Slightly reminds me of M.I.A. That picture is also pretty amazing.

  2. Dangerscouse :

    Another gem that you’ve found here……reminds me a bit of Paloma Faith.

  3. Jgcorp :

    Absolutely Amazing! Love every bit of it!

  4. SenatorSenator :

    “Only Human” has a wonderful Bjork-ish bond film intro vibe.
    The waltz “Use It For Good” has a certain tin pan alley vibe that hits me right in the sweet spot.

    Many thanks!

  5. ashley :

    this is a fantastic find. her vocals are spot on. and the music is really well put together.

  6. Music for NZ Trip :

    Stumbled to the Aurgasm website and I have found a slough of tracks I never knew about. This is one great artist! I was getting slight Kate Bush vocals from Only Human. Awesome, looking around now for more gold. Cheers!

  7. Peter :

    I always love the music you highlight!

  8. Ingi Thor :

    This is too good!!

  9. Rachel Adell :

    HECK YEAH!!! I’m buying her album right now!