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Jonathan Radford a.k.a. Diesler creates vibes that make you want to move. The sounds are warm and full of rhythm, hence the title of his previous album The Rhythm Station (on Freestyle Records). The warmness of Diesler’s sound is reflected by a clear influence of latin music, with some beats and twists added for good measure, all keeping a positive and fresh style, to which another album title is testament: Keepie Uppies (on Tru Throughts). He is also one of the masterminds behind retro-funk outfit Laura Vane & the Vipertones. There is certainly a lot of music out there by this producer, but let us first point our attention to this summer’s Tie Breakers, released on Social Beats / Unique Records. Check it out for yourself with album track “Deepest Cuba” and the reggae remix dub of “Samba Magic”, reworked by Grant Phabao.

Positive vibes for your mind.
Diesler – Deepest Cuba
Diesler vs Grant Phabao – Reggae Magic (dub)
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2 Responses to “Diesler”

  1. Dangerscouse :

    Fantastic album, well worth anyone’s hard earned money! His four other albums are ace as well…..

    Nice remix of ‘Samba Music’…..assume that is an intentional change by you or Diesler to ‘Reggae Music’?

  2. Sjoerd :

    It is the dub version of a remix which was released as an exclusive teaser 7″ before the album. http://soundcloud.com/diesler/diesler-grant-phabao-reggae-magic-ft-laura-vane Grant Phabao is an affiliate of the parisdjs.com blog where he regularly releases reggae remixes.