Katie Costello

indie-pop // singer-songwriter

Over the last few years numerous indie artists went vintage with their music. Katie Costello’s quirky retro melodies share the current trend and similarities with Rosi Golan, Lucy Schwartz, Laura Jansen and Regina Spektor and yet evolve into her own original and captivating sound. Set to release in early 2011, Katie’s album Lamplight is a collection of contagiously melodic, clever and soulful piano driven pop songs that will capture the hearts (and ears) of many. “Ashes Ashes” offers a sweet taste of the upcoming album, while the lyrical “How Do We Know” is taken from Katie’s latest EP.

Sweetest melodies.
Katie Costello – Ashes Ashes
Katie Costello – How Do We Know
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6 Responses to “Katie Costello”

  1. chantilly :

    she is so cute!

  2. kitty :

    love the softness of the lyrics but the melody is catchy enough to grab my interest. cant wait to hear more from this artist :)

  3. Jade :

    wonderful, lovely, soft, and catchy. Loved it and after these two songs I just had to track down the album “Kaleidoscope Machine”, just too beautiful. Cheers and keep it up!

  4. Lee B :

    Thanks to Stumbleupon for bringing me here. Katie’s music is just so beatiful.

  5. Ceniza :

    Lovely voice! Reminds me a lot of Regina Spektor

  6. raz :

    ashes is so beautiful :O