Lucy Schwartz

indie pop // singer-songwriter

Lucy Schwartz, whose songs range between stripped-down ballads, jazz-inspired pop and indie folk, is that rare combination of talented songwriter and skilled performer. Lucy’s debut album, Winter in June (2007) offers a glimpse of this young singer-songwriter’s burgeoning talents. The delightfully catchy “I Don’t Know A Thing” is a shockingly self-aware admittance, delivered with a carefree shrug and smile. Lucy continues to surprise, displaying raw vulnerability as well as youthful exuberance in her songs. “Gone Away” is a tender and aching ballad, delicately crafted with a sensibility that belies her young age. Keep an eye (and ear) on this one.

Sweet and lovely pop gems.
Lucy Schwartz – I Don’t Know A Thing
Lucy Schwartz – Gone Away
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15 Responses to “Lucy Schwartz”

  1. JK :

    Fun! Her voice sounds like a mix of Sixpence None The Richer (the band) and Simon And Garfunkel… Does anyone else hear that?

  2. justin phillips :

    i do alotta hip hop recording, would love to hear from u for a a collabo

  3. :

    i really like her vice

  4. Lee :

    wow. she’s amazing. i can’t get enough of it. she reaches the top in my female singer/songwriter with piano category which is saying A LOT because its one of my favorite categories. Nice find!

  5. Brad :

    Great voice and nice songs. I really like the production and engineering too, well done.

  6. Matt Burris :

    Wow! What a treasure find this one is. Both songs are very enjoyable listens. She’s due for another album, hopefully!

  7. Bkas - themusicninja :

    Great songs, I specially like “I dont know a thing”, its so down to earth and melodic. I will definitely look keep an eye on Lucy. Thanks guys!

  8. O. Mattison Graham :

    Thanks for a little fresh air.

  9. Joke :

    Wow! Great songs! Love both!

  10. Markishmark :

    Absolutely, incredibly beautiful music, vocals & Lucy! Yesh!

  11. Thaf :

    absolutely stunning

  12. Birch :


  13. riders :

    Hi,its nice blog and i like its.

  14. Ken Day :

    What a great singer. Top marks here. Keeo up the good work. God be with you. Ken Day Australia.

  15. Gerry :

    Love this!