Tricot Machine

indie pop // chanson québécoise

Among the girl-boy indie-pop acts, Tricot Machine, a Montréal-based duo barely known outside Quebec, is worth the wider recognition for their memorable melodies, soft vocals, dynamic compositions and witty lyrics. Throughout their album Tricot Machine’s Catherine Leduc and Matthieu Beaumont tell stories of ordinary life, childhood memories, the animals of the forest as in their song “L’ours” (The Bear) — be sure to check the video. Equally fun “Pas Fait En Chocolate” carries gentle arrangements of keyboard and catchy vocal lines.

Playful, unassuming merriment.
Tricot Machine – L’ours
Tricot Machine – Pas Fait En Chocolat
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8 Responses to “Tricot Machine”

  1. This Music Sucks :

    I’m sure if I understood French I would appreciate this song a lot more.

  2. Kathleen :

    While I have to say that L’Ours was probably the worst music video I’ve ever seen, the song was amazing.

    I actually do understand French, but the lyrics are so ridiculous, you’re just fine only speaking English. It’s a lot of “the bear comforted me”, and “I got red strawberries on my white dress”, that kind of stuff. It’s all a bunch of nonesense. But it’s wonderful wonderful nonesense so it’s all good.

    I really just like their sound. It all works.

  3. Mogli :

    Like this song very much. Even if I don`t understand a word, but the melody is wonderful. Thank you for that! Also put it on my blog! :-)

  4. MIchael :

    A lot of my friends said they’d like the tunes more if they understood the lyrics so I created some videos with subtitles for Tricot Machine’s songs.They are absolutely not nonsensical when put into context. Catherine of Tricot Machine has approved of the translations.

  5. Lana :

    I loved this band! This is the type of music I get excited about finding. After being in a music “slump” for about a month, this band has really broken it. I don’t care if I understood it or not (I pick up some things as I know two of the romance languages), the sound is amazing and very different.

  6. Guillaume :

    If you guys think its all nonsense, i’m from Quebec and I actually find it really poetic. It’s charming and understated yet powerful. Tricot Machine will release their second LP this spring.

  7. Joseph :

    It’s not nonsense at all. The lyrics tell a really touching story. In fact, a lot of their songs do. It’s worth translating them if you don’t speak French.

  8. Mélusine :

    Knitting interview of Tricot Machine here :