Josh Ottum

indie pop // experimental

Josh Ottum, a Seattle-based musician and songwriter, has been making his tiny-bedroom-music for 4 years before composing his debut album Like The Season (2007). To put it in his own words, Like The Season is a twelve song journey into the hallways, bedrooms, dining rooms and garages of popular music. Josh’s “The Easy Way Out” evolves from sweet, coherent and easy-on-the-ears harmonies to a rhythmically driven complex production. With layered arrangements of multiple drums, repetitive piano, catchy horn lines and quirky phrasing Josh builds “The Easy Way Out” to a charmingly dynamic indie-pop song.

Whimsical songwriting, complex instrumentation.
Josh Ottum – The Easy Way Out
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14 Responses to “Josh Ottum”

  1. Laughing Muse :

    I’m from Seattle – what did you want to ask?

  2. Toshi :

    I’m also from Seattle”¦

  3. Julija :

    Great. I’d like to contact you via email.

  4. Jake :

    Make that three!

    It’s funny, I listened to this track before reading the post and instantly thought, “Huh, Seattle?”

  5. Mathew :

    I’m from Bellingham, which is north of Seattle by 90 minutes, but is the far superior chill city :D

  6. Holly :

    Very snappy, I like that.

  7. chris :

    woot! seattle

  8. JK :

    Man, I love how every time you think this song’s over, it starts again with maybe a key change or a new theme… I love the sound of it too, very nice! Thanks!

  9. Julija :

    Thanks to Laughing Muse and everyone for your replies about Seattle!

  10. Valor :

    I, too am from seattle.. been listening for a long time now. What’s shakin’?

  11. Kathleen :

    I’m not from Seattle, can I post anyways?

    Well I’m going to anyways. I love love love this song. I’m going to be upset when this site takes it down. I can’t get it from iTunes! I can’t stop listening to it. There are so many different parts and elements that go into this song. It’s amazing. Wow wow wow.

  12. Jenna :

    mmmmm. Amazing song!
    Do you still need people from Seattle? Because I’d be happy to help. :]

  13. Jeremy :

    Weird! I met this guy in Florence, Italy in 2000 and he jammed on my guitar in my tiny apartment. Nice guy.

  14. Kris :

    Why can’t I be from Seattle? haha
    I love this song!!! And ditto to what JK wrote, I really like that quality in some music, where it just keeps going but changes so that you dont feel tired or like its repeating itself too much.