Russian Red

precious folk melodías

I once spent a week in Madrid; feeling more comfort there than any place I’ve ever been. Leaving on a whim, I learned words and phrases concerning food and direction after arrival. Most of this trip I was alone; wandering in pursuit of distant intrigue: a hill, a park, a museum, or the oldest restaurant; curiosity fulfilling me. Nourished by surroundings, I found heightened sense of romanticism, joy, wonder, play, friendship, detail.. so much vibrant detail in art and life; flourishing endeavors, hellos and goodbyes, zest and woe. Lourdes Hernández‘s I Love Your Glasses encompasses all of my experiences in her hometown; dazzling me in abundance and passionately reminding me of a time felt dearly like home.

Mazzy Star meets Neko Case for tapas.
Russian Red – Nice Thick Feathers
Russian Red – Take Me Home
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10 Responses to “Russian Red”

  1. Jackson :

    I like the instrumental aspect, but I think her voice might be better suited for a live performance. She does have a nice ring to her voice

  2. Stephanie :

    Love her! She is so cute and her voice is amazing.

  3. Claudio :

    The feelings expressed here about Madrid have been experienced by me as well, except that I’ve called it home for months at a time.

    As for Russian Red, she’s definitely a unique voice, full of feeling.

  4. Maux dits :

    I love her timid, adorable and wispy voice, cigarettes in particular is a lovely song must of listened to it a hundred times.

    Lourdes is a great Spanish artist. See her soon.

  5. This Music Sucks :

    Wow her voice is piercing, nice juxtapose against the soothing backing music.

  6. Holly :

    I like her. Her music puts a nice smile on my face, in an off-beat kind of way. And her voice is phenomenal.

  7. Taylor :

    More of a cross between Hope Sandoval and Iris DeMent. Interesting, certainly. Strange to think about Americana/folk/country coming from Spain, but it’s a global village I suppose.

  8. Matt Burris :

    Nice visual on Madrid, and I have to agree, her voice is adorable. It hints at mysteries and fun.

  9. soheil rouzbahany :

    i love u and i love u

  10. Omid.A :

    I found out myself again