future jazz // downtempo

Exquisitely produced by members of Boozoo Bajou and Trio Elétrico, Kathrina März‘s Rainwatcher elicits a soothing, intimate, laid-back and summery fun affinity. Her airy voice is fondly wrapped in a spectral muse of endearing sounds; tinged with an array of instruments to accentuate each feeling, lyric, and breath. Acoustic and steel guitars, vibraphone, piano, organ and accordion are a few of what you’ll hear; guiding gracefully as she woos and imbues your complete sensation.

Summery, bubbly and smooth.
Trinah – Sugary Pleasure
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4 Responses to “Trinah”

  1. ThisMusicSucks :

    I am absolutely loving those beats!

  2. Jonathan Alvarez :

    Fantástico. Este es el tipo de tracks que amo. Excelente música!

  3. Taylor :

    The production on this is very nice. It’s got a good laid-back vibe to it with a lot of texture but nothing that dominates or detracts from the mix.

  4. SaxyDan54 :

    I really like the warm, sensuous tones of Trinah’s voice and the smooth but burning instrumentation behind her. This 59 y/o man has now been turned on to something new!!!