swedish folktronica // experimental

Fredrik, a six-piece Malmö-based ensemble, embodies some of the finest Scandinavian experimental pop aesthetics: captivating melodies, rich layered arrangements and complicated charming instrumentation evoking the sound of Sigur Ros and Efterklang. Without overloading the compositions, Fredrik builds layer upon layer of atmospheric, melodically overpowering and somewhat mystical soundscapes. The title track of the album “Na Na Ni” ranges from warm waves of melancholy and hypnotic repetitive chanting to haunting harmonies.

From quiet to powerful experimental arrangements.
Fredrik – Na Na Ni
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10 Responses to “Fredrik”

  1. Ali R :

    Truly Aurgasmic…
    Something worth listenin to after Sigur Ros.. Keep up the good melodies… would listen their album and see if its equally good..!

  2. YeahYouShould :

    This song definitely has an interesting driving/marching beat to it. Unexpected melodies and additional flourishes as well. Love the recommendations!

  3. hakoba :

    this is nice, it motivates me, makes me want to go marching through some Scandinavian fields

  4. Kuu :

    Wow, this is so amazing. The intrinsic beat with a simple soulful melody and swaggering yet perfect time changes, doesnt get much better than this. Perfect for riding the bus late at night when the driver turns all the lights off in rural farm land. Also great to listen to during a thunder/lightning storm. Mmmmmmmmm.

  5. Lucky :

    yes. i likes.

  6. Reis :

    cant stop my foot from keeping beat. love this track.. i see myself as a music enthousiast and this is spectacular, one of the best tracks ive heard in a while..

  7. Olivia :

    Such an infectious beat! My favourite track of the month.

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  9. Alexander Seidel :

    For all who like this:
    Their album is good, but the EP’s are even BETTER. There are three (An EP Triology)

    They are just genius, I’m lucky to have them here:)

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