Boozoo Bajou

calypso dancehall // dub // bossa

To get an idea, imagine Basement Jaxx in a damp island jungle instead of a nightclub. With Boozoo, the beats are wet, the grooves are deep and the hooks are funky-ass funky – Mike Reinboth of Compost Records aptly called them, “NuDubReggae-meets-Mambo-Bossa”. These German blokes have been pumping out LPs and remixes for some time, but have now found their groove with their new record Dust My Broom on K7. “Killer” is the body-moving, hip-shaking stunner on the disc – dancehall vocals on top of a wide tropical bass. “Take It Slow” unfolds a smooth summer reggae ballad of a more intimate feel.
One to move your hips. And one to move your lips.

Boozoo Bajou – Killer
Boozoo Bajou – Take It Slow
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9 Responses to “Boozoo Bajou”

  1. Boozoo :

    Hello Paul Irish.
    I really like the music posted on this site – especially the dub, hip hop, DJ, chill-out, and energy-filled mp3s.

    Of all of the blog links that you have, which would you say are your favorites? Which ones have the most similar music to your site?

    I’ve checked them out on my own, but I am interested to see what your personal favs are.

    Thanks man.

  2. Paul Irish :

    Peter or Florian, I assume? Very cool to see you drop by.

    Orchestrated Rise to Fall is a french blog with classy picks. Similar breadth to aurgasm.
    Scissorkick covers new shit in the electronica scene well. Steve always finds the most solid tracks.
    lemon-red is a fellow Bostonian that keeps it heavy. He’s on top of emerging hip hop / pop.
    ready rock moe rex picks out some crazy electronica. He needs a damn domain name, though. ;-)
    boom selection has the hottest dance and grime action coming out of the UK.

    There’s a lot more hip hop blogs out there (start with Government Names), but not too many quality sites with the more chill-out dubby stuff.

    And hey, if this is Mr. Heider or Seyberth, throw me an email — I got a question about Juke Joint I gotta ask.. aurgasm AT mac DOT KAHM ;-)

  3. Ernesto :

    Awesome tracks. And Paul, I’ve already emailed you about it, but you do a fantastic work with this blog.

  4. Koolski :

    Yes, everything the Boozoo guys are involved in is highly recommended. Check out their mix on the Betalounge site. Killer stuff.

    The singer on Take It Slow is obviously Joe Dukie. If you love Boozoo and this voice you should check out the new Fat Freddys Drop longplayer. Excellent.

    Now I can’t wait to hear Dust my Broom for the first time.

    As for blogs: nothing beats Soulsides, but this is a great place to visit, too.


  5. Paul Irish :

    Thanks for dropping the knowledge, Rhineman.

    The Boozoo show on Beta Lounge is hot ‘n dynamic ““ check it.

    And biggup to O-Dub, he’s been pushing mp3 blogs forward in the right direction for some time now.

    Do any other readers have other blog recommendations?

  6. M.A.T.T. :

    Am I allowed to say mine?

    That Boozoo is fresh. Good looks.

    My current favorite is Razorblade Runner (

  7. Garrincha :

    hey paul ! thanks for the kind words !
    that boozoo is killing me – it helps me get up in the morning … (i still owe you some french tracks, i need to pull my stuff together)

  8. Matthias :

    First of all, great blog of yours, and also great music. It’s been in my feedreader for quite a time. Keep up the good work!

    Take a look at my blog, if you want, I’ve just written a little entry about the Boozoo Bajou guys and also linked to your blog ;O)

  9. mister z :

    thanks for posting this one, great track.

    just played it in a chill out venue at the V festival in Staffordshire this weekend and it went down a treat. nice one boozoo.