Bersarin Quartett

cinematic electronic // heady ambient

Not since Trentemøller has an electronic artist approached his music with such delicacy. But while the Dane kept your brain busy measure to measure, the sole member of Bersarin Quartett, Thomas, makes no bones about holding you rapt in a piece of steady, twirling music for up to sixteen minutes. Natural strings, arpeggiated synth and raspy drums combine to construct a cinemascape of melancholy and thought.

Sublimity missing a screen.
Bersarin Quartett – Oktober
Bersarin Quartett – St. Petersburg

NYC Peoples: I’ll be in town this weekend, mostly to attend this epic Quantic (and his Combo Barbaro), Nickodemus, Beto, DJ Busquelo beach party on Governor’s Island Sunday. Holler if you’re around, you should certainly not miss.

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15 Responses to “Bersarin Quartett”

  1. Paul Irish :

    Thanks to Anthony at Hype Machine for this find, as well as hosting me in Vienna on my birthday. Best Viennese birthday ever! :D

  2. Mama :

    While you’re at it: you also HAVE to check out his main project “Jean-Michel” – genious geeky electronic bleep-pop:

  3. Nick Francis :

    This is fantastic, Paul. Thanks.

  4. Triz :

    In case anyone’s trying to find Bersarin for sale, here’s a link:

  5. Garymon :

    According to Lidar, here is the place for people in the US to get this CD. Price is $11.25.

  6. Linsel :

    Amazing clips. I think I’m gonna re-use this one. Amazing stuff. Great find!

  7. Omar Guerrero :

    Since I subscribed to your blog I discovered me loving ambient music. This is a good one.

  8. Songs :

    This is indeed something.. Simply an amazing clip. I have always been a musical person and this certainly adds some spice over my life.. thanks for sharing it to us.. really appreciated it.

  9. tclopetfan :

    this reminds me of cinematic orchestra meets bt’s “this binary universe”. thanks again paul for such AMAZING musical gems.

  10. Jacqueline Stolte :


  11. Birdy :

    This is absolutely outstanding!!!

  12. Mama :

    One more thing you should check out: Thomas is also doing something called the “30_seconds Project” where he and another artist exchange 30 second clips back and forth in ping-pong style and blend them together until they have half an hour. Those are also simply amazing:

  13. jam :

    wonderful – thanks for posting these pieces

    (and thanks Mama for the 30 sec link – intriguing project!)

  14. Jeff :

    I can feel a short film coming on. Thank you.

  15. Егор :

    А я так посмотрю, Вы как обычно немногословны ;)