electronic pop // dark house // minimal techno

Highly architected electronic pop where adroit melodies meet a barrage of synthesized subtlety. Each turn of the music is unexpected; each bar maintains a heavy dose of complexity that keeps your ears engaged all fifty times you listen. I’ve heard this type of music described as bleepy-bloopy, which I’ll admit is appropriate, albeit a bit classless. Trentemøller, a Dane who creates all his music in Acid, takes a tack similar to the sonic landscapes of Telefon Tel Aviv and Télépopmusik. Thought. Aesthetics. Intelligence.

The finest electronic music of the year.
Trentemøller – Take Me Into Your Skin
Trentemøller – Moan (feat. Ane Trolle)
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17 Responses to “Trentemøller”

  1. Alex :


  2. Joe :


    Classless? Indeed. Pigeon-holing his amazing sound by using the term bleepy-bloopy is the equivalent of using the term “doo-hickey” to describe a keyboard.

  3. alexl :

    Couldn’t agree more. The finest of the year in electronica, indeed.

  4. Anonymous :

    I like this a lot!

  5. Anonymous :

    wow.. this is awesome!

  6. Kenji :

    very good

  7. mushroomblue :

    beautiful, beautiful.

  8. YossarianHughes :

    As Bob Pirsig might say: Quality. Keep up the good work, P.
    An “Irish” fan in Dublin

  9. runman :

    Excellent, the guy sure knows how to use Acid.

  10. stytzer :

    Being Danish gets better and better :-)

  11. Paul Irish :

    Video of trentemoller live:

  12. Dave :

    Hey. Im a new comer to trentemoller. i love it. keep it up man!

  13. [I'Markvardt] :

    you can here an even more amazing remix of Moan. Here Trentemøller’s good friend and singer/songwriter, Mikael Simpson is doing the vocals. I prefer this version. On Trentemøllers own MySpace ( you can here his own remix of the original version with Anne Trolle.

  14. Tobias Weisserth :

    The files seem to be missing on the server. Any chance to listen to them?

  15. Rane :

    If anyone is interested Trentemøller has just been announced on Roskilde Festvial where he will be orchestrating an electronic party for 50,000 people!

    I, for one, am definently going :)

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  17. Rene :

    Fedeste musik! Totalt iorden!!!