Hey DJ Friday: Justin Timberlake vs Corey Hart

Starting today, Aurgasm delivers a weekly dose of nightlife-inspired music in a feature we call “Hey DJ Fridays”. My good man LasterD starts it off. -Paul

Kicking things off is a mash-up of the recent worldwide pop hit, Sexyback, with the 1984 pop hit, Sunglasses At Night. This track bridges two dance classics spanning over two decades.

Justin Timberlake vs Corey Hart – I Wear My Sexyback at Night (Cheekyboy Edit)

10 Responses to “Hey DJ Friday: Justin Timberlake vs Corey Hart”

  1. AfricanVenturer :


  2. danslarue :


  3. no1uno :


  4. Taylor :

    This is perfect! I HATE the chorus of that song (that song meaning “SexyBack”).

  5. arajay :

    pretty fantastic if you aks me.

  6. ayuna :

    that’s cool

  7. Anonymous :

    love this track :)

  8. Joe :

    This song is 100% utterly and completely embedde in my mind and plays continuously throughout my daily activities. Blessing or curse? …a little of both.

  9. squid :

    Not a big timberlake fan, but I was impressed at how smoothly these two songs were blended together.

  10. Tanparmaiel :

    I love it! Awesome! :)))