Cerys Matthews

folk pop // vocal rock

Cerys, an intrepid Welsh musician has a lot in her favor: a quirky name, a past bout with fame as lead in the 90’s Welsh pop group Catatonia, and a cute renown-to-rehab-to-folk backstory. And the music? To be honest, I wasn’t really touched by her album, with the striking exception of the song below. Though it feels like it just jumped out of Pro-Tools, Cerys used a good amount of odd instrumentation and clever polyrhythms to complement your more traditional guitar and drums.

Listen, hold tight till 0:59, and release.
Cerys Matthews – Streets Of New York
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9 Responses to “Cerys Matthews”

  1. Eli :

    meh – this release you mention… I missed it.

  2. melissa :

    “oh boy”.

  3. Leon :

    I didn’t even know she was doing solo work and I live in the UK! Catatonia never really flew into the stratosphere in my opinion (umm… Mulder & Scully… Road Rage… can’t remember much more) and sadly I don’t think this will either. Which is a shame really as she’s always had something unfeasibly sexy about her voice (Imogen Heap manages it too) so it’d be nice if she was around more.

    She’s also a very attractive woman, but that’s no basis for a music career. Unless you’re Britney Spears of course… ;)

  4. Vladimir Orlt :

    nice… her voice reminds me of that “love me, love me, say that you love me” song from ages ago…

  5. Kat :

    well, I don’t think this blows. I think its wonderful.

  6. RC Cars :

    Wow, very unrefined but pleasing to the ears, thanks for the heads up!

  7. jenner :

    I’ve loved this woman for YEARS, such an awesome voice! Hope she comes to Canada *crosses fingers*

  8. muse-ic :

    this woman is a legend and i hope she is now happy with her new music

    i love streets of new york…oxygen is good too

  9. Anonymous :

    it actually jumped out of an SSL. i was there to catch it.