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What the nascent polish jazz group Muzykoterapia has already mastered is bringing the fun and dynamicism of live music to the studio, while maintaining a modicum of post-production that keeps your brain as busy as your body. In “Haunting Love”, vocalist Iza Kowalewska dominates a vamping piano, slathering on a sultry flavor while each rimshot bitchslaps your pleasure center. Raising the energy level, the MZT remix of Roman Two sets a fire in the lounge hall and expects your sweat to extinguish the flames.

On the rocks. What a fox.
Muzykoterapia – Love Haunting
Muzykoterapia – Roman Two (MZT Remix)
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8 Responses to “Muzykoterapia”

  1. Paul Irish :

    This is probably the most information about Muzykoterapia in English:

    If anyone knows Polish, I’d love to learn more about this group.

  2. Anonymous :

    Oh my God…. sooo damn good. Nice find.

  3. Anonymous :,1470169,89302,teledyski.html

    If you wanted to watch more.

  4. Anonymous :

    hi, i do know polish, so decided to show off a little bit;-, but then excuse my English)
    Very strange, but looks like muzykoterapia is not so popular in poland! Kind of a group everyone heard of but no one plays it on the radio!!! muzykoterapia is 3 v. talented people who do play for different groups as well, they all have a v. good music background- schools, diplomas etc. all they do is a music therapy! They album is a combination of all their music influences from jazz, soul, ethno, electronic music to folk and experimental jazz. They worked on that album for 1 year and they main aim is to cure [therapy!] from all kind of dullness. e.

  5. LoRezSky :

    wow, and there i thought jazz was dead, just smelled funny, or was at best a closed collecting field. kudos to the poles …

  6. Paul Irish :

    Some more information from Micha in Germany:
    ok, about Muzykoterapia:
    The group was founded in ’02, andthe basic team are:

    Iza Kowaleswka
    who stuied msuic therapy (?)

    Dominik Trebski
    trumpet and Electronic stuff

    Wojitek Traczyk
    He began playing the abss ni a school jazz band
    He Has worked with several other arists of the polisch szene

    Well they tried a bit out together and so they developed this style they now have
    It’s also their first album you listed.

  7. Karolina :

    hi everyone! i’m from poland ;)
    i discovered this band few weeks ago. i’ve already download their whole album and i’m.. it’s hard to express.. the music they create is brilliant!
    i found it really nice to see, that also people abroad listen to it. i must say, that here in poland not many people know that this band exists.. unfortunately..
    greetings for everyone who listens muzykoterapia :)

  8. playpause :

    Great discover. Thanks a lot.
    Soulful and funky. Poland has always produced great jazzy vibes.