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It seems easy to assume that two prized string players, recognized as some of the finest young French musicians would be influenced by the Parisian electro scene, like Ed Banger and Institubes. They would, naturally, then set out to create electro infused with the graceful cello and viola lines. At first listen, this is what you might hear. But SomethingALaMode (or SALM) has pushed that further; the result is less novelty, more solid songwriting. A few samples from their varied and impressive debut: “Little Bit of Feel Good” delivers some mighty soul vocals; “GString” is a bit more familiar electro-fare, but with a very distinctive feel.

Music mastery; on the strings and the synths.
SomethingALaMode – Little Bit of Feel Good (feat. Adam Joseph)
SomethingALaMode – GString
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22 Responses to “SomethingALaMode”

  1. Paul Irish :

    Mark Hefter hollered at me to point out that “Little Bit Of Feel Good” is originally by the incredible Jamie Lidell.

    Thanks my man.

  2. Abhimanyu Ghoshal :

    Fantastic stuff! I’d love to see them live, or at least get my hands on an album. Very neat sound.

  3. Julie :

    wow. good stuff!

  4. Franco Campese :

    Holy shit… Little Bit of Feel Good. This is fucking awesome. Grooves so smoothly. Wicked dope.

  5. Peter Phan :


  6. Britt :

    Very chill; I’m definitely downloading this. Like Justice, but with a little more groove

  7. Austin Smith :

    No doubt you’re gonna make it to the top! You are flippin kick ASS!

  8. Kaitlin :


  9. Dhaval Trivedi :


  10. MasterMind :

    They captured it, they truly did.

  11. rahul :

    hey, loved g-string…i keep listening to it again and again…

  12. Tschaekobi :

    for now i know your site one and a half year long.
    no need to tell you how much it improved my life :)

    but this post is remembering me of the old times i got your “service” to know… good times… more stuff like that for the upcomming year, please!

  13. mikey :

    how HAPPY im FEELINNNN… you Later!”

  14. Leonardo Kenji :

    very impressive, these guys are amazing

  15. kelly the guy :

    absolutely love them and the fact that they only have vocals when they are featuring someone+ gstring is my favorite song to make remixes of

  16. Gregory :

    Gosh! This is amazing! Love U guys!

  17. Kellyn :

    WOW. Really GOOD!!

  18. Nicolò Wojewoda :


  19. Barbara :

    Oh, thats what I love the most! Electronic and stringts!!! FANTASTIC! You are unique..

  20. Prateek Ghatage :

    super super super

  21. Kay :

    Love the sound- brilliant!

  22. Jordan :

    These guys have a very unique sound to their songs. I’m really enjoying their work. It sounds very original and fresh to me.