Fredrika Stahl

jazz // pop // chanson

The repertoire of Swedish singer-songwriter Fredrika Stahl consists of elegant jazz compositions and dreamy vocal textures. “Monumental Mismatch”, the opening track of Tributaries (2008), possesses this certain element of playfulness and simplicity that works so well with Fredrika’s flirtatious jazz approach. Accompanied by accordion and delicate piano arrangements, lyrical “Pourquoi Pas Moi” is a true homage to French chanson, while her yearning vocals bring to mind the critically acclaimed Lisa Ekdahl.

Gentle jazz for a wintry afternoon.
Fredrika Stahl – Monumental Mismatch
Fredrika Stahl – Pourquoi Pas Moi
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11 Responses to “Fredrika Stahl”

  1. alice :

    i’m tottaly in love with your site!
    amazing stuff all over!
    thanks a bunch for sharing these tunes.

  2. Wim Leers :

    I like both songs, but I absolutely love the song in French :)
    Thanks Julija!

  3. peter krowina :

    My favorite music site on the web.

  4. James :

    Her voice is quite lovely.
    Plus she’s absolutely beautiful!!

  5. Theo :

    Loving this. I’m having a hard time finding a place to purchase and download it legally though. Anyone have any suggestions?

  6. Julija :

    here maybe:

  7. Theo :

    Thanks, Julija. I was actually looking for a place to download it, but after having no luck I ended up just ordering the physical CDs on Amazon.

  8. Lila :

    I loved. Amei.

  9. ryan :

    I was scrolling down the front page noting how similar all the pictures of “indie” female artists are–medium shots or closeups of pretty women looking out of frame, with out of focus, often patterned backgrounds–and then Stahl’s picture hit me. I was shocked to see her staring right into the camera lens–despite all of the other cliched trappings of the image. I had to have a listen. Really fantastic stuff. Nice to know people are still making this kind of music.

  10. Sean :

    Like Ryan above, this image of Fredrika arrested my scrolling. She’s as beautiful as her voice, although it’s probably a failing of mine that this kind of music tends to bring to mind the image of stockbrokers copulating on laminate flooring in a coverted warehouse in London’s Docklands, before returning to their investment bank to secure a deal which involves puppies being stamped on.

  11. Leland Harding III :

    Hey I really love the feel that her songs have, a beautiful voice and simply great arrangments. And I am a country music performer, but this is great.
    Midwest country Band