vocal electronica // experimental pop

Katrine Ottosen’s album Fall Down (2008) is a debut that should not be left unnoticed despite the flood of DYI Indie artists. The Copenhagen-based musician who records under the name CALLmeKAT takes the listener with a distinctly Scandinavian sound: melancholic, floating and intense. Fall Down shifts between the experimental and the somewhat urban dream-pop, recalling the fragility of Stina Nordenstam and the edgy mysterious soundscapes of such artists as Klima and Sol Seppy.

From sharp to dreamy electronic arrangements.
CALLmeKAT – Do Your Trick
CALLmeKAT – Flower In The Night
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3 Responses to “CALLmeKAT”

  1. mao :

    Is it ok if I say that i don’t like it?

  2. Akke :

    Thanks for this! Amazing! Indirectly she led me to another great artist named Trentemoller. Tip for you maybe?

  3. Improper Opera :

    Love her!
    read Improper Opera’s interview here,