vocal electronica // electro-pop

Although Klima is the first solo effort of Angèle David-Guillou, the London-based French musician has already gained recognition as a part of Piano Magic. Recorded with Piano Magic’s Jerome Tcherneyan, Klima’s eponymous debut album delivers the sound of sincere spontaneity, quiet melancholy and a new wave-tinged style. The slow evolving melodic lines of “The City” float with an eerie grace and the reminiscence of the 80’s synthpop, while the haunting strings and electronic programming of “The Lady of the Lake” create a beautifully dark, hypnotic atmosphere.

Dreamlike ambient quality.
Klima – The City
Klima – The Lady Of The Lake
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12 Responses to “Klima”

  1. James :

    I love these tracks, particularly the strings of The City, very relaxing.

  2. Nina :

    great music, great blog.

    i recently renamed/restarted my blog…http://halfapersonblog.blogspot.com/

    i’d love some feedback!

  3. autworld :

    great piece of music, I like “The City”.

  4. Musie :

    So here’s a question (not related to this particular song), but just a general thought. Since the name of this site is a total play on a particular word, why hasn’t someone come up with the term “musie” for a music lover as a play on “foodie” (and also muse if you take it that far)? I think it’s a totally fitting word. Excuse the random post, but it’s a thought I wanted to share. Keep the great finds coming!

  5. Daniel Kachvartanian :

    Thank you for this blog. I was searching for a blog like this for years.

    Great Work !

  6. Tyler :

    Musie? Really? I’ve been reading this blog since one month after its creation. That was the worst comment I have ever heard. You make me embarrassed to love music. Tard.

    [Comment from Paul:] Don’t call other people tards, plz. thx.

  7. k :

    I liked the music by Klima. Hopefully, this song will stay untainted from the throngs of the people who select the music on the terrible Grey’s Anatomy show.

  8. Zaniny Cristi :

    grat just great i too waited for years to hear such music.Greeeaaat especialy the lady from the lake

  9. Linsel :

    I actually kind of like the term Musie. I mean, it’s no more offensive that Foodie.
    Come to think of it, Foodie is kinda cutesy for my taste.
    Comment rescinded!

  10. Reid :

    This is beautiful, her incredible diction blew me away. Thank you.

  11. Conner :

    I know this is old but Zaniny, you should check out Sarah Blasko’s What The Sea Wants The Sea Will Have. It has a sound that’s very similar to Lady from the Lake. It’s one of my all time favorite albums!
    And as for Klima, it’s always great to have more music that reminds me of the ocean =D

  12. Klima :

    A sınıfı klima, enerji seviye sınıflandırmasında kullanılan COP (coefficent of performance) değerinin 3.21’i geçmesi halinde iklimlendirme cihazlarına verilen tanımdır. Bunun anlamı daha az enerji kullanarak daha fazla ısı üreten cihazların COP değerinin yüksek olacağıdır. A sınıfı klima modelleri de COP değerlerinin yüksek olması nedeniyle önemlidir.