Ben Sollee

cello pop // acoustic folk

Ben Sollee, cellist for the band The Sparrow Quartet, recently released his aptly titled debut, Learning to Bend. Whether he is plucking the strings, or playing his cello like a percussive instrument, Ben’s truly unique playing style belies his classically trained background. Though the entire album wanders between bluegrass, folk and jazz, his deep Southern influence is unmistakable. Soulful vocals, combined with his sharp lyrics (seen in his politically critical “A Few Honest Words” and adaptation of “A Change Is Gonna Come”), result in a deeply honest, playful, and ultimately hopeful debut album.

Soulful vocals and unexpected melodies.
Ben Sollee – A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke cover)
Ben Sollee – How To See The Sun Rise
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15 Responses to “Ben Sollee”

  1. Flo :

    Error 404

  2. zen :

    same here.. music not playing

  3. Michelle :

    Update: Sorry about that, appeared to be a bug. Both tracks should be working now. Thanks!

  4. Antony :

    Wow, this is just what I needed after getting stuck in a listening rut. Great beats, great singing and overall great sound. I’ll be looking this one up for sure.

  5. Linsel :

    It’s just not fair I tell you. I manage my own daily music blog/email, and Aurgasm has become my favorite source for new music — it’s getting to the point where I’m feeling like I ought to just direct my listeners here (which I do anyway :)

  6. Stephen :

    Wow, I really like this. Thanks!

  7. Manzeon :

    I really love violin play like this style!!
    That make me feel great…
    Glad to see you — Aurgasm,I have chance to find the great music out of my country!

  8. issis :

    this is a beautiful way to discover new music. thank you.

  9. Micah :

    Wonderfully inventive and thoughtful. I listened to the track, and, then, bought the album on iTunes. Thank you for the tip. I’ll keep sampling and buying.

  10. theobvious :

    Such a great artist. Thanks for featuring him!

  11. mel :

    Lurve it. Listened here and downloaded from emusic ASAP. Thanks!

  12. Lucas Gonze :

    Love that crisp rhythm on the cello.

  13. paddy-d :

    just chiming in here, luv the beat driving the wistful vocals. thanks for adding him to our collective mix!

  14. JON H :

    awesome, really different, good voice, lay back with a glass of wine and your baby girl

  15. Jackson :

    I love how he used the cello. It’s really inspired, and “A Change Is Gonna Come” is one of the best covers I believe I’ve ever heard, so thanks! Love the site