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Lay Low

Sunday, October 11th, 2009 by Julija

blues // folk

Singer-songwriter Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúnardóttir, a.k.a. Lay Low, has been named as one of the most promising new artists back in her home country Iceland. On her album Farewell Good Night’s Sleep (2009) Lay Low captures the essence of blues, country and folk, concocting them all into music that feels like a perfect soundtrack for a cross country road trip. One of the album’s highlights, “Last Time Around”, unfolds sweetly with her soft crooning, melancholic bluesy sound and a hint of Iceland and Nashville in it.

Country-tinged Icelandic love song.

Lay Low – Last Time Around
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Thursday, October 8th, 2009 by Julija

folktronica // swedish experimental

Fredrik Karlsson, a.k.a. Solander, a part of Aurgasm-featured Fredrik, has his own solo project and it’s the one project you were all waiting to hear about, without even knowing it. Similar to Fredrik’s compositions, Solander’s debut Since We Are Pigeons (2009) carries a distinct Scandinavian, unique yet familiar sound. The album infuses hushed vocals, fragile strings arrangements and warm electronics with just a hint of experimentalia. In “Looking For Gold” Solander slowly builds up the mood by layering off-beat guitar with beautiful orchestration and hypnotic vocal harmonies. Definitely one of the most promising indie projects coming from Sweden this year.

Strong, captivating melody.
Solander – Looking For Gold

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Tuesday, October 6th, 2009 by Kyle

Downtempo // Jazz

Adam Scrimshire‘s music fascinates me with a quality of being patient with the listener. As if built from maps referencing harmony’s emotions, an introspective and worldly odyssey flourishes with sublime enrapture and plush vitality. It’s spacious and grand, uplifting and cinematic, yet personally affective to cadence nestled deep inside. Along came the Devil one night… transpires awe, friendly accord and console; a beautiful achievement by a gracious music lover and maker.

Mellifluous embodiment of music.
Scrimshire – All Roads Lead You Home
Scrimshire – Springtime (with Claire Laurent)
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Ethan Goldhammer & S. Burke

Sunday, October 4th, 2009 by Paul Irish

video art // electro funk

More and more, I’ve noticed I’m absorbing great music via video; the Carl Sagan ‘A Glorious Dawn’ video is an addictive example. VJ’s are demanded for parties, Processing and OpenFrameworks are making it easier to create, and now video appears to be the preferred medium for delivering audio online. Above, Ethan deftly blends oscilloscope visuals with light paint and timelapse, while underneath burbles some glitchy and fuzzy funk. Thanks to my friends at Echonest for the tip.

A funk and Rhodes lover’s wet dream.

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Local Natives

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 by Michelle

indie folk // harmonic folk pop

Silverlake’s Local Natives have been making their way around the blogs lately, and understandably so. The quintet’s unique brand of indie folk highlights their tight vocal harmonies without sacrificing on rolling guitars, keys and percussion or sharp lyrics. Their laid-back and layered folk is a perfect way to wind down the rest of summer — a warm, blooming cocoon of sound. The boys were kind enough to take some time from their hectic schedule to lay down this exclusive acoustic version of “Camera Talk” for us.

Soothing and gorgeous vocal melodies meets sparse folk.
Local Natives – Camera Talk (Acoustic Aurgasm Exclusive)
Local Natives – Airplanes
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Special: Aurgasm’s Jukebox Mélange mix

Thursday, August 27th, 2009 by Paul Irish

My good man Tom Korkidis (of Eksi Ekso) invited me back our local River Gods, in Cambridge, for a night called Jukebox Mélange. Here are the sets I played; jams from the 70s, early 00’s and 09.

Aurgasm – Jukebox Mélange mix (part 1) (51min):

  1. The Rip Off Artist – What Kind of Blue [2004] blu tribunaL
  2. The Soul Fantastics (Ain’t No Sunshine) [2009] DJ Beto – Panama! 2
  3. Beau Love – Pacific [2007] Untitled
  4. Urbs & Cutex – Up & Down [2002] Breaks of Dawn
  5. Digable Planets – Dog It [1994] Blowout Comb
  6. Natural Self – In The Morning (Paul White remix) [2009] Tru Thoughts – Shapes 0901
  7. Hot Stuff Band – Juju Man [2006] Brazilian Breaks & Beats LP
  8. Eddie Bo – Hook and Sling [1969] Hook and Sling pt 1+2
  9. Diplo – Krunk (Variation #2) [~2003] Sound and Fury {bootleg}
  10. Mark Ronson – Diversion [2007] Version
  11. The Whitest Boy Alive – Keep a Secret [2009] Rules
  12. Love Grenades – Tigers In The Fire [2008] VA – Accidental Rhythm (Mix One)
  13. Quantic – Transatlantic [2002] Apricot Morning
  14. Baby Mammoth – Final [2003] Octo Muck

Aurgasm – Jukebox Mélange Mix (part 2) (59min):

  1. Quantic – Not So Blue [2002] Apricot Morning
  2. Ratatat – Mirando [2008] LP3
  3. Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada - Ora Como Rey, Manana Como Guey [2006] El Nino y el Sol
  4. The Dining Rooms – Fluxus (The Cinematic Orchestra World Goes Round mix) [2004] Versioni Particolari
  5. Wando – Nega De Abaluae [2001] Brazilian Beats 2
  6. The Dining Rooms – La Citta Nuda (SoulPatrol Afrolicious Mix) [2004] Versioni Particolari
  7. Kanye West (feat. Kid Cudi, Common, Lady Gaga) – Poke Her Face [2009] LVs & Autotune 2 mixtape
  8. Robin Jones (feat Bosco de Oliveira) – Royal Marcha (Raj Gupta Vocal mix) [2001] Turntables on the Hudson Vol 3
  9. Unknown track
  10. MOVITS! – Fel Del Av GÃ¥rden [2008] Äppelknyckarjazz
  11. Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido – Yo Digo Baila [2009] Soy Sauce
  12. Dabrye – Smoking the Edge [2002] One/Three
  13. Jack Penate – Tonight’s Today [2009] Everything Is New

Bersarin Quartett

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 by Paul Irish

cinematic electronic // heady ambient

Not since Trentemøller has an electronic artist approached his music with such delicacy. But while the Dane kept your brain busy measure to measure, the sole member of Bersarin Quartett, Thomas, makes no bones about holding you rapt in a piece of steady, twirling music for up to sixteen minutes. Natural strings, arpeggiated synth and raspy drums combine to construct a cinemascape of melancholy and thought.

Sublimity missing a screen.
Bersarin Quartett – Oktober
Bersarin Quartett – St. Petersburg

NYC Peoples: I’ll be in town this weekend, mostly to attend this epic Quantic (and his Combo Barbaro), Nickodemus, Beto, DJ Busquelo beach party on Governor’s Island Sunday. Holler if you’re around, you should certainly not miss.

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Sunday, August 2nd, 2009 by Julija

brazilian // world

Having lived and performed in Brazil, Chile, Peru, Portugal and France, Bïa is truly a world artist. Musically active for over a decade yet relatively unknown, Bïa released her solid and versatile studio work Nocturno in 2008. Largely acoustic and soothing, it’s an ideal summer album. Nocturno combines gentle Bossa and Samba beats, Portuguese Fado influences with a distinct saudade quality, and delicate touches of jazz, rock, and klezmer music.

Mellow, summery blend of bossa and jazz.
Bïa – Caminhar
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Tuesday, July 14th, 2009 by Julija

vocal electronica // experimental pop

Katrine Ottosen’s album Fall Down (2008) is a debut that should not be left unnoticed despite the flood of DYI Indie artists. The Copenhagen-based musician who records under the name CALLmeKAT takes the listener with a distinctly Scandinavian sound: melancholic, floating and intense. Fall Down shifts between the experimental and the somewhat urban dream-pop, recalling the fragility of Stina Nordenstam and the edgy mysterious soundscapes of such artists as Klima and Sol Seppy.

From sharp to dreamy electronic arrangements.
CALLmeKAT – Do Your Trick
CALLmeKAT – Flower In The Night
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Jason Kanakis and his Coalition of the Unwilling

Friday, July 3rd, 2009 by Michelle

indie folk // singer-songwriter

A talented multi-instrumentalist, Jason Kanakis has been making a name for himself as a sideman for Aurgasm alum Cary Brothers, as well as Joshua Radin, Sara Bareilles, Rachael Yamagata and many others. While he has always been a writer and singer, Jason’s upcoming release is the first that is uniquely his own. “Anything,” which was written by Kanakis and Priscilla Ahn (another Aurgasm favorite), is a stunning preview from his new project, Jason Kanakis and his Coalition of the Unwilling. The track, which features Laura Jansen, is haunting and ethereal, and Laura’s delicate vocals are perfectly paired with Jason’s elegant instrumentals. “Anything” is a delightful showcase of Kanakis’ talents both in front of and behind the boards. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Let it wash over you.

Winsome vocals coupled with polished production.
Jason Kanakis and his Coalition of the Unwilling – Anything (feat. Laura Jansen)
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