Lay Low

blues // folk

Singer-songwriter Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúnardóttir, a.k.a. Lay Low, has been named as one of the most promising new artists back in her home country Iceland. On her album Farewell Good Night’s Sleep (2009) Lay Low captures the essence of blues, country and folk, concocting them all into music that feels like a perfect soundtrack for a cross country road trip. One of the album’s highlights, “Last Time Around”, unfolds sweetly with her soft crooning, melancholic bluesy sound and a hint of Iceland and Nashville in it.

Country-tinged Icelandic love song.

Lay Low – Last Time Around
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9 Responses to “Lay Low”

  1. Yo :

    Icelandic artists are magic ! This song is so perfect…

  2. Laiona :

    This song broke my heart. I love the way she sings so much that I bought tickets to see her next week already. Thanks!

  3. Vasu :

    This is poignant beyond words..

  4. Side A Track 1 :

    Lovely. I’m always impressed by world artists that manage to play in the American idiom better than Americans.

  5. Skonrokk :


  6. Dan Hauk :

    This is great. I love her style. Definitely checking out more.

  7. kristine. :

    I love this song, love her sweet voice, and love the way this song meanders…

    Thank you…. Lay Low from Iceland :)

  8. Marian Schembari :

    I am so in love with this. THANK YOU for sharing!!!

  9. Catherine Esche :

    This is a great song, and she has a sweet voice. I have been enjoying Lay Low’s music since March, 2010, when I heard her being interviewed on NPR. She sang “Little By Little”, with an accompaniment, and it sounded great; each version I have since heard is always great in its own way.