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Fredrik Karlsson, a.k.a. Solander, a part of Aurgasm-featured Fredrik, has his own solo project and it’s the one project you were all waiting to hear about, without even knowing it. Similar to Fredrik’s compositions, Solander’s debut Since We Are Pigeons (2009) carries a distinct Scandinavian, unique yet familiar sound. The album infuses hushed vocals, fragile strings arrangements and warm electronics with just a hint of experimentalia. In “Looking For Gold” Solander slowly builds up the mood by layering off-beat guitar with beautiful orchestration and hypnotic vocal harmonies. Definitely one of the most promising indie projects coming from Sweden this year.

Strong, captivating melody.
Solander – Looking For Gold

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5 Responses to “Solander”

  1. Alexander Seidel :

    I love this, as well as the second song of the FREE single. Just ordered the physical release, because I can’t stand to buy for downloaded data only ;)
    You can download the free single and buy the CD on
    (Haha you can even download it in “Audiophile – Nerds”FLAC)
    I think this is a nice mix between Fredrik and Kings of Convenience.

  2. kyle :

    so lovely

  3. Ramón Castellón :

    Fredrik Larsson is a genius. I ordered the album, and it’s just beautiful. “Fredrik” is pretty much my favorite band. I can’t wait for “Trilogi”, and this should hold me up until then. Definitely :^}

  4. Ramón Castellón :

    Whoa! Fredrik Karlsson** (Sorry haha)

  5. Dan Hauk :

    I love the simple, almost haunting guitar that drives the song to the end. And when the violins come in near the end it’s fantastic.